Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My karate grading

On Sunday the 20st of September 2015 I went to my karate grading. That's when I have to show my instructors my forms self defence sets and my sets. If we didn't follow an instruction quickly a enough we had to do 10 or 5 push ups or more. After we showed our sets ,forms,and self defence sets we had to spare against each other and ground fight. Ground fighting is when you can take down someone and hop on top of them. My partner got me down but I  kind of escaped. After sparing we had to take of our gear and go on one knee will the grading panel went outside and talked about our grading. I passed and became an orange advanced. I even got a certificate. After my grading I was really proud of myself for my grading. I really enjoyed grading.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Anas life of unicycle

I have been doing unicycle for one hole year. Unicycle is totally not simple or a easy thing. It has one wheel two peddles but there are no handles so it's not easy to balance at all so I recommend that you have a spotter, a wall or something to hold on that's stable if it's your first time because if you don't you would fall of straightaway and probably hurt yourself but not to badly. On the unicycle i can do a 360, go back and forwards, almost jump and I can just about do a free mount. If you don't know what free mounting is its going on a unicycle with no help at all. It took two weeks for me to do more then a metre and now I can do all of Victoria park were I learnt. My dads a boss of the circus and also one in Dargival/ Baylis beach and the one that I like most is one in Germany called Fantasia .

Untitled from Room 13 GLS on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Miu's birthday

On June The 23rd it is my birthday!!! I woke up really early and I saw my presents and I will start with my new doll, her name is Ashlynn Ella daughter of Cinderella. Goes to a school called Ever After High but that's another story. She wore a swim suit that is silk fabric , and her skirt  is lace with golden Flowers on it. And for my next present is a ....... Dollhouse it is up to my eyebrow and it's 4 levels. It also has an elevator, and a balcony. And it  was also it morning. Then I got dressed and had sushi for breakfast and lunch and had a fun day at school. When I came back from school we got to make The dollhouse , and it was a lot of work holding everything. For dinner I had plain old noodles and my Parents ate really really spicy noodles and dumblings I was not expecting that for dinner. After I had dessert, my called after we just came in from dinner. For dessert I had chocolate cake with milk chocolate on top , and also some icing in different colours. And the the colours were pink, blue, and yellow. The dollhouse has a kichen, a bathroom, a lounge and a bedroom. The end

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pablo, Lola, Stella and Nate

Super Onomatopeias- iMovie on words that represent sounds!

Untitled from Room 13 GLS on Vimeo.