Monday, September 21, 2009

What is erosion?

We watched a very short documentary about how land can change and move. I understand that erosion is when rocks brake up into small parts. When these broken rocks move this is called weathering. When the rocks move and find a new area its makes new land and this is called deposition. By Mitchell

The power of words and pictures

water can be very helpful and give life to all things but remember that even in the most lovely settings on our world water can kill and destroy all things! by Sam

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Native birds and trees to the max!

Are there villains in nature? Well its a hard question to answer as we found out that even the nice birds and tree we have in New Zealand can some times hurt the land around us. It's part of a cycle and we are trying to understand this idea. But we all agree that the native birds and trees of our land are beautiful! Kiwi by Loimata, Tree and Kakapo by Zeb.

Hola family and friends check out what we are doing with kidpix.

Our focus this term is looking at how humans and natural phenomena can change our land. But before we looked in depth at the big idea our class talked about trees and birds in New Zealand. We looked at native trees and birds. We used kidpix to draw our findings.

The Fantail - by Mitchell, The Puriri Tree - by Julius, The Kiwi by Sene, The Kauri Tree by Daniel.