Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our World

In Grey Lynn school they are building a 2 storey classroom block next to the swimming pool. They just put some fences up to stop kids going in to it. They are going to be building it in term 2 and its going to be very noisy. Im looking forward to having more space and watching them build it.

by Harvey

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My World

In room 13 we are writing about reports about our selves or someone in our class. Here is some information about me.
I would love to be fashion designer when I grow up because I have a big interest for fashion.
Somethings I love to do is watch movies, some times make little outfits for my toys, going shopping to buy clothes and jewels.
I live St Mary's bay with my Mum, Dad and Sister.
The sports I like are Netball, Tennis, Water polo and Swimming.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Room 13s Words of Wisdom

Hi and Welcome to Room 13s first blog post for 2012. We have been writing about words of wisdom, words of wisdom are about life, giving things a try, never letting yourself down and advice on how to achieve your goals. Here are our "words of wisdom"......

Charlotte - Never give up on what you really love. Scarlett - Love life, follow your heart and never give up on yourself. Nathan - Never give up on yourself. Bay - Keep on trying until you succeed. Kayleen - If you lose don't feel like a loser, just keep on trying. Mason - Keep on trying until the job's finished. Juanita - When your ready you will be undefeated. Sophie - I follow my heart so I never give up. Madeleine - Patience is a good thing to have because if you wait good things will come to you. Nami - Keep on trying in your life and you will succeed. Harvey - Never stop trying. Malachi - If you work hard you will succeed. Chelsea - If you fail try again. Ben G. - Never stop trying. Anisah - Trying is the perfect way of succeeding. Olivia - Nobody is perfect you learn from your mistakes. Caitlin - You don't want to go back to the past because of bad memories that you had, its just life thats how we get stronger. Phoenix - Don't wait for the perfect moment take this moment and make it perfect. Ethan - Practice makes perfect because you know you love it. Marlo - Kindness, love and friendship will help you in life. Maya - Try your best, do as much training, never give up and it will all be worth it in the end. Queenie - Life is like a maze if you come out it is up to you. Nina - Go with your heart it will lead you to the right path. Sydnie - If you work hard and you put all your heart into something and you know you can do it, then you will and you will be the best at it. Ben P- Never fall back, never give up and always try your hardest.