Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Rat Cheeko

There is a new member to our classroom and he is Uala's pet rat. His name is Cheeko he used to have a brother named Sanchez but he past away. Cheeko has a tail that feels like leather. Cheeko is very special to us because he is our class pet and Ualas pet. Uala loves Cheeko more than anything. Cheeko likes to eat popcorn, ice cream cones,peas and corn. Cheeko does not like people to crowd around him or to much noise around him. He has very sharp teeth so fingers away otherwise they get bitten off. Cheeko loves to sleep and everyone wants to hold him because his fur is so soft it  feels like silk or cotton wool. Every week there are two new rat monitors that refill his water bottle and food bowl. At the moment the rat monitors are Georgia and Harry at first it was Uala because he is Cheeko's owner. Cheeko is a very very funny rat. Cheeko likes to hide in hoodies, jumpers ,pockets and in armpits.

Here is a video of me holding Cheeko...

By Matthew

Monday, May 27, 2013

Our New Cross Country Goal

On Wednesday the 29th of May, we have our school cross country at Grey Lynn park. For the past few weeks we have been training extremely hard. We have been running non-stop for ten minutes around the school every morning. We have been totaling our distance as a class and we made it to Cape Reingas' lighthouse. Our new goal is to get back to Kaitaia from Cape Reinga before Wednesday. Here is where we are now....

By Room 13

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cape Reinga

We made it to Cape  Reinga! Room 13 has officially  made it to Cape Reinga, today we ran our best distance as a class, in ten minutes we 52.75Km (well I was walking I had cold). All togeather our class ran a total of 455km isn't that great !!! I think we did stupendous we even had 29km spare because its only 426Km from School to the Cape. We used that to get to the light house we still had loads of km left I think we travelled half of Auckland pretty cool. I think this is pretty impressive and also very tiring.

By Felix
                                          This is the way we ran!

                                          This is where we got to!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Best Goal EVER!

On Sunday we played our first game of flippa ball against a team called the Water Sharks. In our team we have Felix, Maya, Kaia and Holly who are in my class. It was there first time playing flippa ball. We had a great time and won the game 1-0. I scored the goal it reminded me about the time I scored my best goal EVER. I was at a flippa ball game with my team in Term 1. We were against the Good Shepard's. No team has ever beaten them and we didn't either. I was in attack with Ethan then the ball smashed infront of Ethan he picked it up and passed me the ball very quickly and it landed in the water with a splash.  Then the Good Shepard's defence came charging towards me I picked up the ball as fast as I could but just as I looked up the goalie came stepping towards me. I lifted up the ball and through the ball right into the goal. That was the only goal we scored that day.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Extra Week of Holidays

On the last day of school I did not have to go to school because my plane flight was that day. On the plane it was awesome because I got to eat a lollie and a cookie and drink some water. When we landed  in Dunedin we slept at my dad's friends' house we stayed there for 3 nights'. One of those days we went to a chocolate  factory we got to see 1 tone of chocolate fall. After Dunedin we went to Queenstown. In Queenstown we went up a mountain on a gondola and at the top of the mountain we went on a luge it was awesome. The next place we went to was Wanaka. In Wanaka they have an awesome thing called Puzzling World we went there.  First we went in some illusion rooms they where werid and scary then we went into the great maze it took me 30 minutes to do the maze the rest of the family about 45 minutes to do the maze. The next place we went to was Christchruch there we went to the antarctic centre. We went into this room which had snow and was -8 degrees we also saw little blue penguins and watched a 3D movie it was funny because when a bird did a poo water came into your face. The next day we went to arhana park we got to see a chttah run 100 k per hour  the next place we went to was kikria we saw about 133 wild seals. The next place we went to was Picton the top of the South island. The next day we got on the ferry in 3 hours we were in wellington we went inside the beehive and on the cable cars and got to go into a pool the next day we drove to Taupo. And then we were in Auckland. The whole trip took 3 weeks and 1 day.                                                

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Journey to Cape Reinga

In room 13 we recently just started counting up how far people in room 13 were running for cross country practice, well okay not just recently about a week ago. So lets get on with the story now we kind of took the idea off room 12. Each lap around is about 250m and we tally up how many laps we do then convert that into metres and add them all up. Anyway on Wednesday the 15th of May our total km run is 189Km. I thought that was great we are trying to get up to Cape Reinga its the top of New Zealand. We took some photos of where we got up to on the map. We have gone past Whangarei and Hikurangi. The next run we will probably pass Paihia. Uala and me counted up what we got up to, today we ran 41.25Km altogether, I think we went pretty far well thats what i thought if you ask me. When we are running my normal amount of laps I would go is about 5 or 6 laps in ten minutes, thats how long we run for. I like doing the running because we do not have to do work for ten minutes, now I find that Impressive.

By Georgia

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tip Top Factory Tour

In the holidays I went to the tip top factory were they make all the ice cream. I went with Ella my au pair, my Mum, Sienna, Zara and Mikayla 3 sisters. I went on wednesday the 1st of may 2013. We saw all the machines the lady also asked the men that were walking past if they had taken any ice cream because otherwise they would destroy the whole pack. Did you know that they make at least 1000 meltdowns in 1 second. We saw them all getting packed up. After that we went and watched a movie on cameras around the factory and had a free ice cream. I had a hokey pokey meltdown ice cream, yum yum. I felt really excited before hand and then had an awesome time.