Friday, August 29, 2014

Term 3 week 4

On week 4 we got a big suprise we had a Commonwealth person for the whole week! These are the people: Raneel, Pablo and Jake. We also got to finish our  published writing. Some people got to write them on the computer. 
It was a wonderful week!! Everyone was very very happy.Also, we had art class with Margaret.

Jokes. Knock knock    who's there ?   Boo   Boo who  Stop crying. 
What do you call a nut that goes to the toilet    A peanut.

by Jake and lockyer

Friday, August 15, 2014

Term 3 Week 3

Last week  in art class we finished our korus, some of us drew lizards. 

We also made a new publishing book. The stories that we publish are from our Own Choice writing.  These are some of the  people that have published: Rita, Pablo, Raneel, Ryder, Zephyr and Sasha. All of these people have published in the book. We know that is quite alot of people. Some of the stories are about.......        Goldilocks , The Chair of DOOM dadaaaaaaaa that was funnnnn... also Captain Under Pants, The Fire King, Diary of the God of Super- Ugliness, that sounds goooood.  Pompom and Tomtom and last but not least Raneel's delicious cookie recipe .

Now time for some JOKES !

What is 1+1=                                                         window

What do you call a nut that goes toilet                             a pee nate

What is a bubble's  favourite type of music                                 pop

by Rita and Emma

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tearm 3 week 2

This week on Monday and the week before on Friday Uala was our teacher. Uala was our teacher because Caroline was away in Australia for a family celebration. When Caroline told us we were so excited we couldn 't wait. When Uala was teaching us we had a lot of fun but we missed Caroline. We played lots of games like splat, hoopla and maths splat. Uala read us 2 books that he reads to George his son and he is a baby. Uala brought Cheeko in the class room and some people got to hold him, and Uala told us that Cheeko was 3 years old. Uala is a very fun and really cool teacher to have. We were so happy and excited that Uala came back. That was probably one of the best surpises we could ever have. 

Maia and Alyah

Friday, August 8, 2014

term 3 week 1

Last week we went to Art class with Margret at school. It was really FUN!!!!!!!! She taught us to cut straight and just move the paper. Also we were really.... EXCITED about our first art lesson during school time!!!!!! Because Sam was the Star Person he got a toy, it was a green lantern pod. Last Term  our classroom projector got stolen by a robber, plus he smashed the window AND the projector is STILL gone ) - : that's a sad face.

                                               Now here are some jokes to
                                                     end the writing
R's for riddles
                                               Q:What's long and sticky?
                                               Q:What's a whales favourite game?
                                               Q:What do you have for lunch and dinner but not breakfast?


1.a stick
                                                   2.swallow the leader   
                                                   3.lunch and dinner

                                                  BY:Finch And Sam