Monday, July 11, 2011

100 days of learning

On Thursday the 7th of June, tiny little butterflys were fluttering around in my stomach. It was 100 days of learning and I knew both dances and everything, but that was not what I was concerned about. I had been at home for the past few days (as in two) and had only had one moving-around practice. I know I am a bit of a worry wart because I can just follow every one else but I can't help worrying about these things. First the year 6s did their item, a melody in maori, and then we did our item, Grey lynn e and Toi a mai then simply walked around to the back of the juniors. The teachers had definitely changed the way we were going to move around. The kowhai team performed their item, then the juniors performed their complicated piece to the music of Here comes the sun. But that was only the end of the team perfomances, there was still the the Samoan group and Bolliwood group to come. The Samoan group came first and did some songs like le aute that we did more when I was younger and a complicated thing that had to be done really quickly to keep up with the beat of a wooden instrument being hit with a pair of wooden drumsticks. Last of all was the Bolliwood group. I was really looking forward to the Bolliwood because at Aloha they performed a really, truly amazing, complicated item. This one was the same one as before but slightly modified so the bolliwood teacher wasn't involved and so it was all down to the children. But it still was just as amazing as before. Then finally it was all finished I realised I almost had pins and needles and some how I had managed to get them standing up. I quickly shook my legs out but I was to late. I already had them. It was a long morning tea and me and my friends looked through the new class rooms that had art work in and took a trip up to the food stall that had been set up to sell cakes and things to raise money for the school. Then the bell rang for back to class and I felt rather sad most of the fun was over for the day and had to be hidden away for another day.

by Briar

Friday, July 8, 2011


At grey lynn school there was an art exhibition. In each class two people get chosen to be in an art exhibition. The people who won in my class was Mia and Jennifer. On the same day it was 100 days of learning. In the library some peoples art got to go to pasadena intermediate art exhibition. In my class we did screen printing we did one with grass and the sky and one with one light colour, I did light green. How you make the screen print is you get a piece of paper and cut out the road or the mountain then you get the screen put it over the road or the mountain and there is a, well it is sort of like a window wiper and it wipes the paint through the screen and on to the paper.

by Anisah

100 Days of Learning

At Grey Lynn school it was 100 days of learning.
Before the performance we had our parents or grandparents come in and we had to show them the work we had done and the art exhibition if you wanted to. (I showed my grandparents my landscape and my really long narrative) If your parents didn't come then you were to either finish off a 100 days of learning sheet for your parents or do the thinking keys. After we showed our work we had to go up to the court to start the performance. First the Totara team did their performance. We did the Haka and sung a few moari songs. It was fun and then the kowhai team did their really cool space dance? (I think it was a space dance) And then next was the puriri team they did their dance to Here comes the sun. Soon after that there was the Samoan group it was pretty impressive it also looked complicated. After it was the Bollywood group it was really cool I really liked the songs and the dance moves. After all the dances it was finished and the parents could have morning tea with us. We had a long morning tea. After morning tea we got too see the other classrooms artwork. Then it was back to doing what we usually do everyday

By stella

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On the 30Th of June the grey Lynn school rugby league team went to Cox's bay for a rugby league tournament.when we got there we got into gear to get ready for the games our first game was against point chevalier pirates there a really strong team. point Chev scored the first try then we scored the second. Mathew one of my team mates scored our second try witch put us in front of the pirates witch was good but this big boy from the pirates ran very hard at us & nearly scored a try but kiamanna&te ua took him down near the try line but then they scored. then the half time bell went. then at the second half we didn't even score a try so that's how we lost the first game the score was 6-5 so we only lost by a try.the next game was against west mere man there a strong team they kept on kicking it out on the ten & get the ball back so they scored five trys in the first half& we only scored one then the hooter went & that was the end of the first half in the second half west mere scored again i told you they were a strong team witch put them 6-2 then we scored witch put us 3-6 so we were losing by 3 witch wasn't good then they scored again witch put them seven three then the hooter went & then that means that we lost again. then we vs bay feiled for third place they scored the first try then we scored the second so we scored another try so we won third place but someone spacial was there he was a legend his name was STACEY JONES !!!!!!!!!! he anonced the shield win er witch was west mere on to school in David-rays mums car called joy we listen to cool down nearly on FULL BLAST!!!!!. if i could have a snap shot of the day it would be going down to Cox's bay having a laugh & on the way back having the radio on full blast . by Ethan

Monday, July 4, 2011

The rugby league

On the 30th June the rugby league team for grey Lynn school left to Cox's bay for the rugby league tournament. Some parents had to help with transport my dad helped with transport but anyway when we got to Cox's bay we got into our rugby league gear to get ready to SMASH!!!!!!!! We put on our mouth guard and boots but then uala told us it was bare feet so we took off our rugby boots. It was grey lynn vs point chevalier pirates. they did a forward pass during the game and they knocked on the ball. The score at the end of the game was 6-5 we lost by only one point but we didn't care as long as we had fun. Then we had a game with Westmere they were very cheeky and they had good players.Our person who got a try against Westmere was Matthew he was a very good player during the game. They won the game by 7-3 they were very good but who cares as long as we had fun in the game. Then we had a long lunch break we were eating hard out because we were so hungry so we ate all our lunch then we had a little digestion then we had a little play then we were training with the warriors we did a relay then it was grey Lynn against bay field. It was a tie so we had to have a golden point then at the end kiamana scored the last try for the golden point. Then it was west mere vs point Chev, Westmere won and then it was prize giving my cousin jeru got a prize it was porridge and cereal this was for player of the day Westmere won the shield that THE GREAT AND SUPER AWESOME MAN of the awesome super warriors of the awesome legend of 2011 and he will for 2012 the legend Stacey Jone's once had then my mum dropped off us at school they were Te Ua and Jeru and last but not least Ethan when we got to school we stayed in the car to listen to kolohi Kai's song it was called cool down we stayed in the car for about 4 or 5 minutes. At the end we went to room 16 had a little relax then we went home for a rest of the day and that's the story about rugby league tournament the end. thank you for reading about the awesome rugby league tournament against other schools. by yours sincerely

David-Ray Isiah lelisi
the end
HOORAY for grey Lynn's rugby league team


Friday, July 1, 2011

My soccer

On saturday's my soccer team verses other team's. Our team is called the Campos. We are in the 4'th division soccer. We represent western springs I think our team will get higher on the ladder. The best team is the Shultz we played them on June 25th we lost 4 to 1. I love my soccer.

by Cameron