Monday, July 11, 2011

100 days of learning

On Thursday the 7th of June, tiny little butterflys were fluttering around in my stomach. It was 100 days of learning and I knew both dances and everything, but that was not what I was concerned about. I had been at home for the past few days (as in two) and had only had one moving-around practice. I know I am a bit of a worry wart because I can just follow every one else but I can't help worrying about these things. First the year 6s did their item, a melody in maori, and then we did our item, Grey lynn e and Toi a mai then simply walked around to the back of the juniors. The teachers had definitely changed the way we were going to move around. The kowhai team performed their item, then the juniors performed their complicated piece to the music of Here comes the sun. But that was only the end of the team perfomances, there was still the the Samoan group and Bolliwood group to come. The Samoan group came first and did some songs like le aute that we did more when I was younger and a complicated thing that had to be done really quickly to keep up with the beat of a wooden instrument being hit with a pair of wooden drumsticks. Last of all was the Bolliwood group. I was really looking forward to the Bolliwood because at Aloha they performed a really, truly amazing, complicated item. This one was the same one as before but slightly modified so the bolliwood teacher wasn't involved and so it was all down to the children. But it still was just as amazing as before. Then finally it was all finished I realised I almost had pins and needles and some how I had managed to get them standing up. I quickly shook my legs out but I was to late. I already had them. It was a long morning tea and me and my friends looked through the new class rooms that had art work in and took a trip up to the food stall that had been set up to sell cakes and things to raise money for the school. Then the bell rang for back to class and I felt rather sad most of the fun was over for the day and had to be hidden away for another day.

by Briar

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