Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On the 30Th of June the grey Lynn school rugby league team went to Cox's bay for a rugby league tournament.when we got there we got into gear to get ready for the games our first game was against point chevalier pirates there a really strong team. point Chev scored the first try then we scored the second. Mathew one of my team mates scored our second try witch put us in front of the pirates witch was good but this big boy from the pirates ran very hard at us & nearly scored a try but kiamanna&te ua took him down near the try line but then they scored. then the half time bell went. then at the second half we didn't even score a try so that's how we lost the first game the score was 6-5 so we only lost by a try.the next game was against west mere man there a strong team they kept on kicking it out on the ten & get the ball back so they scored five trys in the first half& we only scored one then the hooter went & that was the end of the first half in the second half west mere scored again i told you they were a strong team witch put them 6-2 then we scored witch put us 3-6 so we were losing by 3 witch wasn't good then they scored again witch put them seven three then the hooter went & then that means that we lost again. then we vs bay feiled for third place they scored the first try then we scored the second so we scored another try so we won third place but someone spacial was there he was a legend his name was STACEY JONES !!!!!!!!!! he anonced the shield win er witch was west mere on to school in David-rays mums car called joy we listen to cool down nearly on FULL BLAST!!!!!. if i could have a snap shot of the day it would be going down to Cox's bay having a laugh & on the way back having the radio on full blast . by Ethan

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David-ray said...

Great Ethan i liked how you had a picture of you and oma.