Friday, February 28, 2014

My Cat

I have an  awesome cat his name is huggy-bear.   His favorite toy is a pink rino it squeaks and a little possum he stoll from me. We had to travel to the mountains to get huggy-bear.  It took twenty-two hours  to get there and back. That was very far away but he was so worth it. He is a ragdoll type of cat.   He is a kitten. I am responsible for him and he is heaps of FUN.
this is his rino toy
this is a ragdoll cat like him
(I got this picture from

By Sam

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Exploring Our Environment

In Room 14 we are learning to use materials and fibres from our environment to create or design a piece of art. Last Friday we practiced making art out of natures materials like sticks, leafs, bark, flax, rocks, flowers and other things we could find that were already on the ground. We got into pairs and were given two minutes to collect what we wanted. After we got what we wanted we created a piece of art. When we were done Uala took a photo of our creation. We needed to make sure that we put back everything where we got it from.

Here is what we created....

Watch this space for more.....
By Room 14

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mummy's consert

Not last weekend but the one before that I went to my Mummy's consert. I thoght it was wonderful. She's in SJD ( full band ) it's AWESOME!  I love it!  Mummy played one of my favourite song's  but can't remember it's name. for our actual breakfast we went to a juies shop and got smothies. they were
YUMMY!  A little bit later we had some lunch i had coca cola an apple and 2 choclate musli bars. later on i saw Joeseh and Maia they were wonderful toether. Next i wached my mummy play as i told you it was wonderful. There band used to be called the bell bird's. I felt amazed . 

By Sasha

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My boogey boarding hoilday

On the holidays I went to Lang's Beach we did some boogey boarding and I hurt my back after that we had a ice cream from ms zippy [thay tasted good] After that we went and built a dam and then we broke it and we boogey boarded down it. After we went home and we had a shower and then we had a play and I hurt my hand it got pokd by a pin and we had to take it out it realy hurt when we took it out but after I got a chocolate. I felt happy because I like it at the beach and the boogey boarding was fun.

This is me being pulled along a stream 
that we built by my Dad.

By Lola

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Story of My Tooth

In the holidays, I had my tooth taken out. I went to the dentist and she said I could have it extracted (that means taken out) or have a root canal (that means hours and hours of work on my tooth). I had it taken out. I had to wait a  while. Then, finally it was my turn. I  went into a different room with lots of people. I had to suck in air and gas that was coming in through a mask then blow out to try and pop a balloon. Soon I was fast asleep. When I woke up I was in a room called the recovery room. I got an ice block and then mum came in. Then I moved to a different room with a t.v in it. Then someone who called herself "the tooth  fairy" and gave me my tooth. And here is my tooth and gap. THE END :-)

By Zephyr

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The First Day in Room 14

On Monday 3 February it was the beginning of Grey Lynn Schools learning year. We started in our new class which is Room 14. Our new teacher in Room 14 is Uala. We are in a Year 3 class which has 6 and 7 year olds.

Things that we enjoyed doing on the first day were:
-Doing our name art
-Meeting and getting to pat the class pet 'Cheeko the Rat'
-Finding and using our new desks
-Learning and playing the game 'Directions'
-Meeting our new teacher and class mates
-Writing about the holidays
and exploring our new classroom

It was a fun and exciting day because we started our year of LEARNING!

By Room 14