Friday, February 28, 2014

My Cat

I have an  awesome cat his name is huggy-bear.   His favorite toy is a pink rino it squeaks and a little possum he stoll from me. We had to travel to the mountains to get huggy-bear.  It took twenty-two hours  to get there and back. That was very far away but he was so worth it. He is a ragdoll type of cat.   He is a kitten. I am responsible for him and he is heaps of FUN.
this is his rino toy
this is a ragdoll cat like him
(I got this picture from

By Sam


Ruth said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for sharing about your cat. He looks so cute. What kind of food does he like to eat?

Jake Patterson said...

Jake says excellent writing. It looks like a very cute cat. Especially, when it was young. My dog mike like your cat's toy. From Jake

sasha and finch said...

Hi, Sam it's Sasha and Finch here we want to say that
that your blog post was awesome! By the way your kitten is really cute. Keep up the fantabulas work!

Maia said...

Hi Sam,
Your kitten looks really cute .Your blog post was AMAZING.Keep up the good work, your kitten look really
fluffy .

Toby said...

Hi Sam,
sounds like an awesome cat you have, why did you have to go so far into the mountains to get him? He looks like a very fun and cute cat.

Mum said...

Hi Sam. I love your blog post. You are so good with Huggy Bear. He follows you everywhere. Yesterday he vomited in 3 places. Yuck! But today he is all better.