Monday, September 12, 2011


In room 16 we have been writing poems. We have written haiku poems and cinquain poems. We are soon going to do slam poems and limerick poems. I'm really enjoying doing poems.
Here are some I have written myself.

crunchy buttery
popping crunching loving
Butter dripping from delicious popcorn

All Blacks
We wear Black and White
Black plus White equals All Blacks
We love the All Blacks

Sporty cheerful
crazy unusual friendly
A funny flexible gymnast

Rugby World cup
There are lots of teams
Screaming and shouting from fans
Smiles everywhere

By Amy

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my tornoment

On Sunday 4 of September 2011 my soccer team had a tournament at Madils farm we had three group games we won all of them. 1 Nil twice and 4 one once. We are second round this match was not close we had 20 shots on goal but not one went in and it went to penaltys. I scored my penalty as we won four two and were in to the semi finals it was really close but we let in an early goal. we domanatid the second half but we lost. after that we went home.

click below for a link to the western springs website

by Matt

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My soccer

I play for Western springs soccer club. I play for the 10th grade premier A team. This is the best 10th grade team!. We have practice on friday at 4'Oclock pm.In my team is Matt, Harry, Oscar, Milla, Sydney, Bronson, Ethan, MaxD, MaxO, Bradley and the coach is Jason.We also do Futsal. We are the bomb! We have also done tournaments We came 3rd last time and 2nd the next time.In a month also we have a three day tournament. Its called nationals Its nearly the biggest tournament in Auckland! So If you see me around school please say good luck!

By Robbie

When I went shopping in town.

On sunday the 4th of september Hannah, (my sister) Tamae (our student) and I went shopping in town. First we went on the bus to go to town and then we were going to go to new market but we changed our mind and just stayed in town. We went to the warehouse and went to the food court to buy some food. After that we went to some clothes shops like, Supre, Glassons, Dotti, Lippy, Tattys, Cotton on, Rubi shoes, Paris Texas and peter alexander. Hannah bought a pair of shorts from Glassons, which I am very jealous of. Next we went to timezone and we did Photo booth, when the photo printed out we gave it to Tamae so she could keep it. I got a new timezone card. Then we went to Lush Hannah bought a tub of this lip balm but it was made out sugar so you could lick your lips and it would taste like vanilla, and I was jealous of that too. We came back home by bus. When we came back home Hannah tried on her shorts and I ate a whole lot of food.

By Olivia Meder

Monday, September 5, 2011


Every second Tuesday I always look forward to. Because every second Tuesday morning we have a fitness rotation around to Ruth for Gymnastics. Every day we have a rotation but Gymnastics is always my favorite. Why? It just always has been. Our fitness rotation has recently started up, and its heaps of fun. On Friday instead we have an art and science rotation which is extremely interesting. I just love it. Every Friday I go to the YMCA gymnastics to get into more active stuff. But on Tuesday I enjoy more relaxing things. It is an enjoyable sport more people should try.

By Briar

News of Happy Feet the penguin

A couple weeks ago some explores found an Emperor penguin separated from his family .They then bought him back to Wellington where they made him an enclosure in the Zoo.100s of children came and visited every day.They soon gave him the name Happy Feet.They have now taken him back to Antarctic where he has found his family.

By Mia