Friday, November 9, 2012

How to Digest Food

Things you will need:
Blood  Apple  Toilet   Money
Shop   Small Intestine   Large Intestine
Tongue   Esophagus   Rectum
Anus   Mouth   Teeth


Step1.Buy a Apple from the Shop

Step2. Put the Apple in Mouth and chew with teeth then role the mushed up apple into a Ball with  Tongue

Step3.Swallow the Apple then Squeeze it down the Esophagus untill it reaches the St

Step 4.Mix acid with Apple so it will Breakup then send the rest to the Small Intestine

Step 5.Squeeze the nutrients from the Apple into the Blood with Tiny holes on the Small Intestine then Send the rest to the Large Intestine.

Step 6.Use the Large Intestine to take water from the Waste {which used to be an apple}then empty the rest to the rectum

Step 7.Get the Rectum to take some more Water then tell the Anus to open up so the waste can get out

If you get this right you will have sent the Apple from the Super Market to the Toilet then out to sea.

By Malachi

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trip to the Art Gallery

On Thursday 16th of August Room 11 and Room 13 went to the Art Gallery because we were learning about diffrent dance performances. Some of the dancers were dancing to the picture and responding to them.After we looked at all the dancers we were able to make our own dance with Sarah and Jipena. My snap shot of the day was when Nami was standing in the middle of our flower dance and everyone else was the petals. I liked this because it looked really good. My favourite performance that I saw was 'Secret' because the girl whispered a random sentence in our ear. In my dance performance I enjoyed making Maddy into a statue because it was fun and she found it hard to balance. I learnt that you can make a dance from looking at anything.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Why We Shouldn't Do Homework!

Room 13 is learning how to write an exposition (persuasive text) this is my one it is about why homework is bad for you!

People say homework is a waist of time I agree because you already have six hours of school, people have sports on after school plus homework is a waist of my time.

Firstly homework is bad because you have six hours of school. At home is your only break from work because the next morning you have to go to school again.

Secondly sometimes people have sports on then they have to do extra home work the next day which courses a lot of stress.

Lastly homework is a waist of time you learn enough at school you could be at the pools or on the couch watching television but instead you have to do more homework.

Katy perry dosen't do homework neither does Justin Beiber so why should we?

By Caitlin

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Day Term 3

The 16 of july was the first day of term 3 I was really excited about seeing all my friends and my teacher in the first block. When we started working Uala started talking to us about '100%' he said we should finish our work on time and to the best of our ability. On the second block we went to the library and we had to get and SSR book (reading book) and a book with some facts that will help us with our speech. In the third block we made SMART goals. SMART stands for Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timely. We had to make an academic goal and a personal goal. My academic goal was to get better at at my spelling by practicing at home by the end of week 5 and my personal goal is to practice Karate three times a week till the end of week five. I had a really great day

By Anisah

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tasman Horse Rides

On Tuesday I had to get up really early because I was going Horse riding. We had to meet to the mini van at 8.10am so Gay could take us there, she was the lady who picks us up and drops us off. When we got there we grabbed our helmets and got on our Horses. I was on a horse called Ngati and another girl in my group, Ruby was on a horse called Whisper. First we did an hour of bare back riding that was fun. Then we did an hour of jumps and saddle riding and lastly we did an hour and a half's trek through the farm. I enjoyed doing jumps because they were really high and I liked everything else because they were all fun and exiting.

By Scarlett

Friday, June 22, 2012


My class has a thing called a wonder wall

We all put what we wonder about on our wonder wall.
My wonder was I wonder If big foot is real.
Most of my class thinks that big foot is real but I don't think he is real
because If he's so big then how come no one has found him and
you can't find someone that hairy.
Some other names for big foot are Momo, Yeti, Abominable snowman, Yowie, Meh-Teh,
Raksha, Kikomba, the great bear, Sasquatch, wild man and hairy man.
Big foot has been the subject of campfire stories for decades.
Thousands of people claim to have seen the hairy monster, but the evidence of its existence is fuzzy.
There are a few clear photographs of the oversized beast.
No bones have ever been found. Lots of pranksters have admitted to making fake foot prints.
Thats why I don't think Bigfoot is real!

By Ben G

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Living In No Gravity

In Room 13 we have a wonder wall it is where we put questions up about our curiosity. We all find out lots of little questions and put them together to find the answer or some answers, as some questions may not have an answer. My question was what if we lived with no gravity. If we lived with no gravity we would be floating around, able to cart wheel around in the air, food and water would be floating around as well. We might even float up into space, we could die because we can't breath in space. I don't think I would like to live in no gravity, but I would to live in it for one day just for fun.

By Nina

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sanchez and Cheeko

In room 13 we have rats their names are Sanchez and Cheeko. Sanchez is the big one and Cheeko is the small one. Sanchez has red eyes and white fur. Cheeko has black eyes and brown and white fur. Sanchez likes  to sit on our shoulders and play under our hair and Cheeko likes to sit on our shoulders and snuggle up near our jumpers. They love to run around their cage and move their toys around also they love to nibble on our fingers. Their favourite food are plain popcorn and frozen corn and peas. Come visit our unique class mates!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Certificate Winners 26 March 2012

The certificate winners for this weeks team assembly were Arlo, Sophie and Caitlin:

Arlo McLean won his for finishing work early and it always being at the highest standard. He felt very proud that he won and surprised out of all the people in his class . Next was Sophie Jones for thinking critically about her SMART goal. She also felt surprised because she said she never won that many certificates . Last is Caitlin Ward for being resilient at swimming sports and not giving up she felt astonished because she said she wasn't the only one that tried and wondered why she was the one that got the award and like all the award winners they all use the grey lynn school values respect, responsibility and resilience!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pacifica Heart Beat

On Tuesday the 20 of march 2012 the whole of Totara team went to pacifica heart beat. When we were on the bus we were playing sweet and sour it was really fun but then we got a little bored . Straight after that we were there at the pacifica heart beat we went into this place that looked like we were in a royal palace. After that we got to greet the pacifica Mamas in the language that they were from. Some of the greetings are.... Fakaalofa Lahi Atu, Bula vanaka, Kia orana, Taloha ni and Talofa lava. After we greeted them and said a prayer we set of for our first activity. Our first activity was we made stickers out of computer icons like <>and \/. Heres an example \/\/\/ ///\\\ / <<>><<>><<>><<>><><. After we had finished our stickers we danced in front of a camera that reflects your image onto the screen. The second activity we did was we walked to the art gallery and we started to look at John Pules art work we thought about the techniques that he used. After we had thought about what he has done we made our own decorations on a piece of card board after we had finished we plated a necklace to hang our piece of card on. The pacifica mamas helped us put the card on the necklace on, it was very helpful and they looked amazing.
The third thing we did was the drums and the HULA!!!! out in public. The lady who taught us was really nice, all the girls were doing the hula and the boys were doing this haka thing in the end it was really cool! we ended up doing the hula in front of people who were walking in the city it was embarrassing but really fun after that we went back to school and for the rest of the day room 13 just had a chit chat about what we got up to and what we learnt.

By Olivia and Anisah

Monday, March 5, 2012

Creative World

Blue Teddy

There once was a blue teddy

his very funny name was Freddy

the teddy had a bear

with light furry ears

there was once a blue teddy

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our World

In Grey Lynn school they are building a 2 storey classroom block next to the swimming pool. They just put some fences up to stop kids going in to it. They are going to be building it in term 2 and its going to be very noisy. Im looking forward to having more space and watching them build it.

by Harvey

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My World

In room 13 we are writing about reports about our selves or someone in our class. Here is some information about me.
I would love to be fashion designer when I grow up because I have a big interest for fashion.
Somethings I love to do is watch movies, some times make little outfits for my toys, going shopping to buy clothes and jewels.
I live St Mary's bay with my Mum, Dad and Sister.
The sports I like are Netball, Tennis, Water polo and Swimming.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Room 13s Words of Wisdom

Hi and Welcome to Room 13s first blog post for 2012. We have been writing about words of wisdom, words of wisdom are about life, giving things a try, never letting yourself down and advice on how to achieve your goals. Here are our "words of wisdom"......

Charlotte - Never give up on what you really love. Scarlett - Love life, follow your heart and never give up on yourself. Nathan - Never give up on yourself. Bay - Keep on trying until you succeed. Kayleen - If you lose don't feel like a loser, just keep on trying. Mason - Keep on trying until the job's finished. Juanita - When your ready you will be undefeated. Sophie - I follow my heart so I never give up. Madeleine - Patience is a good thing to have because if you wait good things will come to you. Nami - Keep on trying in your life and you will succeed. Harvey - Never stop trying. Malachi - If you work hard you will succeed. Chelsea - If you fail try again. Ben G. - Never stop trying. Anisah - Trying is the perfect way of succeeding. Olivia - Nobody is perfect you learn from your mistakes. Caitlin - You don't want to go back to the past because of bad memories that you had, its just life thats how we get stronger. Phoenix - Don't wait for the perfect moment take this moment and make it perfect. Ethan - Practice makes perfect because you know you love it. Marlo - Kindness, love and friendship will help you in life. Maya - Try your best, do as much training, never give up and it will all be worth it in the end. Queenie - Life is like a maze if you come out it is up to you. Nina - Go with your heart it will lead you to the right path. Sydnie - If you work hard and you put all your heart into something and you know you can do it, then you will and you will be the best at it. Ben P- Never fall back, never give up and always try your hardest.