Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pacifica Heart Beat

On Tuesday the 20 of march 2012 the whole of Totara team went to pacifica heart beat. When we were on the bus we were playing sweet and sour it was really fun but then we got a little bored . Straight after that we were there at the pacifica heart beat we went into this place that looked like we were in a royal palace. After that we got to greet the pacifica Mamas in the language that they were from. Some of the greetings are.... Fakaalofa Lahi Atu, Bula vanaka, Kia orana, Taloha ni and Talofa lava. After we greeted them and said a prayer we set of for our first activity. Our first activity was we made stickers out of computer icons like <>and \/. Heres an example \/\/\/ ///\\\ / <<>><<>><<>><<>><><. After we had finished our stickers we danced in front of a camera that reflects your image onto the screen. The second activity we did was we walked to the art gallery and we started to look at John Pules art work we thought about the techniques that he used. After we had thought about what he has done we made our own decorations on a piece of card board after we had finished we plated a necklace to hang our piece of card on. The pacifica mamas helped us put the card on the necklace on, it was very helpful and they looked amazing.
The third thing we did was the drums and the HULA!!!! out in public. The lady who taught us was really nice, all the girls were doing the hula and the boys were doing this haka thing in the end it was really cool! we ended up doing the hula in front of people who were walking in the city it was embarrassing but really fun after that we went back to school and for the rest of the day room 13 just had a chit chat about what we got up to and what we learnt.

By Olivia and Anisah


Allie (Nina's Mum) said...

Hi Anisah and Olivia
What a great recount you have done of the day! I liked the way you were able to show the designs within your story, just like you made with Vaimaila. It was certainly a very fun and busy day.

Allie (Nina E's Mum)

Anisah said...

Yes it was a very long fun and busy day .It will probably be the most fun trip I will ever have .

Anonymous said...

It was a busy day, but I really enjoyed watching (and participating) in all the activities with Room 13. Please invite me to more of your trips - you are a great class to spend time with.

Anne (sophie's mum)