Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My favorite holidays!

On Thursday the first week of the holidays my Mum, Dad, and I went to my Grandparents house in New Plymouth. The trip takes about five hours. By the time we got there it was time for bed. The next day and for the rest of the week till monday I didn't do to much because my brother Oscar and two of his friends were still there. My favorite part till monday was baking a cake and Tirimasi. On Monday my parents left with my brother and his 2 friends. The next day me and my grandma made a dress for my Aunties old doll once we had fineshed I decied to take the dress home for my mums doll. On Wednesday my grand parnts and I went to Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part 2, my favorite part was at the end when the screen went blank and the words 19 years later came up in white, then it showed Harry ,Jenny ,Himiony and Ron as adults with their children going to hogwarts on hogwarts exspress. To me the saddest part was when Ron found out that his older brother fred had deid. To me it was the best movie I have ever seen in my life so far so if you haven't seen it go and see it now. On thursday my grandma and I went and got a new pair of shoes they are grey chuk-taylors, they are a little to big but I will grow in to them. On friday I made another dress for a smaller doll it had black and white top and skirt with a little belt. I also made a pair of black pants to go with a top. The next day my friend Ruby from up the road came down to go to the zoo. At the zoo you were allowed to feed most of the animals. At one point I tried to feed the ostrich but I was to scared to do it out of my hand so I held out my cup of food and suddenly it pecked my cup and half of it fell all over the place! it was quite anoying because I couldn't feed to much more animals. Another time we fed the geese they started opening there mouths and started walking towards me. On sunday I packed my bags to leave then went to the airport to go back home. I had a great holiday and I
cant wait to go back.

The End

By Emily

My Holiday

On Friday last week (the last week of the holidays) my cousins from Samoa came over to New Zealand. (they arrived on Sunday)So me, my dad, my mum and brother decided to take them to Clip n' Climb. So we picked them up and took them to our house because our session hadn't started yet. Then it was time to go to Clip n' Climb. When we got there my little cousin who just turned four wanted to go to the bathroom so I took her but then she didn't want to go so I took her all the way back then she started to run away and try and climb one of the walls (without the harness). So I had to literally drag her back to where we were, then the man started to call all the people who were in the next session. He told us what to do and we had to be checked by a parent if we were thirteen or under.The the fun started!! I climbed almost everything except I didn't climb up to the very top. I would say that my favourite one to climb was this green one that had these little circles popping out and if you were really good at it you could use these velcro gloves to climb it and the one that I didn't really like that much was this one that you could only use your hands to climb and it was also not solid it was blown up. After walking around trying to find which one to climb our session was over. So we all lined up to take our harness's off. After that we had to go drop off my cousins. When we got there we were hungry so we persuaded my mum to take us to St Lukes to get us some lunch and it worked. After that we had to go so we said goodbye and took off back to our place. And that was the end of our day (just to let you know I had an unplanned sleepover but its probably gonna take a while for you to read this so this is the end.)

By Stella

Monday, August 1, 2011

My favourite birthday ever

When my party finally came I was so so happy I wanted it to happen as soon as I woke up. 15 friends came and 7 family members My party was on Saturday the 16th of July 2011 I was going to extreme trampoline We got there by car. When a few people came to my house We then left to go to extreme trampoline. When we got there I was as exited as I was at my 5th birthday party. We got to learn how to do back flips and forward flips. It was so so much fun. You could jump onto walls and play in the boxing bouncy castle. I did not want to leave. After 2 hours we left to go to my house for some cake and food and open my presents. I got so many I did not know where to put them all at 4 o clock every one went home. We then had dinner and some friends for a sleepover. I felt great because I shared my party with my friends
That was my birthday party.

By Emma


On the holidays I went to my cousins house out south we went on wanna watch .com & watched transformers 3 dark side of the moon. It was so awesome when the action bits happened, the funnest bit for me is when Sam's new girlfriend tells megatron to come SMASH!!!! Optimus primes opponent named ronamessprime the dumbest part is when ironhide dies that was my worst part but at least the reast of the primes kill the decepacons By Ethan