Monday, August 1, 2011

My favourite birthday ever

When my party finally came I was so so happy I wanted it to happen as soon as I woke up. 15 friends came and 7 family members My party was on Saturday the 16th of July 2011 I was going to extreme trampoline We got there by car. When a few people came to my house We then left to go to extreme trampoline. When we got there I was as exited as I was at my 5th birthday party. We got to learn how to do back flips and forward flips. It was so so much fun. You could jump onto walls and play in the boxing bouncy castle. I did not want to leave. After 2 hours we left to go to my house for some cake and food and open my presents. I got so many I did not know where to put them all at 4 o clock every one went home. We then had dinner and some friends for a sleepover. I felt great because I shared my party with my friends
That was my birthday party.

By Emma


Anonymous said...

Hi Emma.
I like how you drew The picture because it is a really cool.

Did you have fun at your birthday?
From anetema

Nami said...

Hi Emma
Your story about your favorite birthday ever has been exciting and it seems like it started in the moring.
By nami

Kate said...

Hi Emma,
I like how you said you had fun because it really looked like you were having fun! So hopefully your next b-day will be two times better.

Room12 Grey Lynn School said...

Hi Emma I really liked your picture because when you drew your photo that is underneath the table