Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In the Holidays

In the holidays I went to rockclimbing with my grandparents.The next day I went to the spongebob 
Movie with my grandparents. If you are wandering why I am doing everything with my grandparents it is because I had a six nights at my grandparents house.I stayed at my grandparents house two nights and four nights at Russell with  my grandparents. At Russell we picked olives.The day after we picked the olives we went to town and got a ice cream .Then I went home and played a game of scrabble and I lost.When we came back to Auckland we went to my house  and had some banana muffins.A couple hours later we opened the presents from my mum and dad then we had dinner.I did all that with my sister. Then I went to bed. When I started with my grandparents my parents were in Australia.And that's the main thing I did in the holidays.

By Oliver.


In the holidays I went to Wellington the car ride took 5-6 hours to the place we stayed first. The first place we stayed was my mums friends place we stayed there for about half a day in total. Then we stayed at a hotel called rydges it was AWESOME  there was a pool and a spa and other awesome stuff. After that we stayed at my dads friends place for a night then in the morning I went to my aunties Place then the next morning we went on the most boring car trip in the universe that took 5-7 hours in total. We arrived on Friday night at about 7:45 PM. Out of all the places I went to I'd say my favourite is when I went to weta workshop, weta workshop is a place where they make props for movies and they look amazing! Another place I went to was a museum it was actually pretty good, it had fossils and other stuff. I like Wellington because it has lots of awesome things to do BUT there is one bad thing it is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY windy.

                                                                   By: Finch