Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My swim traning

I train for swimming 2 times a week for 45 mins. My favourite stork in swimming is breast stroke because it is different to the other strokes. My hardest stork is butterfly because you have to do confusing things all at one time. my swim teacher is called glen he is nice but he is harder on the boys. I go to mt Eden swim school which is next to the back of mt Eden primary. Normally our warm up is 300 meters which is 12 length's. I love swimming because I love the water.

By Emma

Monday, June 20, 2011

EOTC week

On the 13th of June it was EOTC week. On Monday we got put into our groups my group was called John street.We played trust games, toxic waste and spider web. On Tuesday we did mosaic art, carpentry and tent building. On Wednesday it was the best because we went to Birkenhead leisure centre.We did high ropes kayaking and archery.On the last two days we made a scrape book, poster or an iMovie. I had so much fun.

By Otto.

On the 13Th of June it was E.O.T.C week. On Monday Sandie put us in our groups and my group was the Eliminators then we went and did our activities. Here are some activities that the Eliminators did: spiderweb,parachute,orienteering and toxic waste. On Tuesday it was another fun day too and we made pikelets and tiles, the pikelets were really yummy. On Wednesday it was the best day ever and we did three activities and they were high ropes,kayaking and archery and some people were scared doing the high ropes ahhhhhh!!!!!!! and on Thursday we finishing off our work.on Friday we had to make a poster,key note or a scrap book and that was the end of E.O.T.C week.

By Salote.