Monday, June 20, 2011

On the 13Th of June it was E.O.T.C week. On Monday Sandie put us in our groups and my group was the Eliminators then we went and did our activities. Here are some activities that the Eliminators did: spiderweb,parachute,orienteering and toxic waste. On Tuesday it was another fun day too and we made pikelets and tiles, the pikelets were really yummy. On Wednesday it was the best day ever and we did three activities and they were high ropes,kayaking and archery and some people were scared doing the high ropes ahhhhhh!!!!!!! and on Thursday we finishing off our work.on Friday we had to make a poster,key note or a scrap book and that was the end of E.O.T.C week.

By Salote.


Ruth J-P said...

Hi Salote,

The high ropes look REALLY high in your picture! Were you scared at first? How did you feel afterwards? I get quite nervous when I am up high like that and my heart beats really fast. You were all so brave to do them.

Kate said...

It sounds like you had a great time Salote! It seems everyone loved the high ropes course the best?
Keep up the great writing