Wednesday, May 28, 2014

term two week three (last week)

Last week we had cross country.It was also travel wise week. Travel wise week was all about laying off the car because the car is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to slow.And now we will tell you about our GIANT cross country.It was veeeeeeeeeeeeery tiring and challenging(it's not about winning it's about being better than before).

In class we have been learning Caroline's way of doing work ( we were hoping she would let us run away from school and go to KFC but sadly, no).We gotta tell ya that theres NO Dream works heroes books or cards in class due to distraction. We also have learnt new things like what type of life that was here 500 years ago.


what do you get if you cross a pan with a crazy person?

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Anton The master and Zephyr the master 

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Wacky week2 by Missy and Sasha

This week it was Wacky Walking Wednesday. It was so wacky!

But ....        GAIL DUN DUN DUN was the  wackiest out of the whole school! Gail is super wacky!  she's awesome though.We had a big parade for wacky walking Wednesday. Pablo and Missy won the wackiest costumes! Missy was a clown and Pablo was a soldier! Missy had clown rainbow hair and Pablo had a fluffy bear coat .

 We did Mother's day our mums loved them.


Why did the possum cross the road? To see his flat mate!

Knock knock? who's there ? boo. boo who? don't cry it's just a joke !
Why didn't the skeleton go to the ball? because he had no body to go with!

Knock knock? who's there? interrupting cow.  interrupting moo!


Uala has left and we all miss him! But we enjoy Uala visiting with George because he's so cute!

By Sasha and Missy

Friday, May 16, 2014

Term 2 week 1

This Term week 1 we met a new teacher named Caroline Wilson. She is sort of a pirate because she has been sailing. Caroline has a system of a person that is helper for the day.She is a really nice teacher.She has a song station on her computer called kiwi kid songs so we can sing a song to listen to at the start of the day.She also looks out for people who are being good so she calls them champion people. Caroline showed us a game called Shibang Shibang where there is 5 actions and if you do the same as the leader you are out.We have been doing lots of fun stuff in term 2 together.Caroline also showed a work sheet called Six hat thinking where we write stuff down about our holiday.We were excited about  meeting a new teacher.She has been teaching us very challenging things but some things were easy.And again she is a really really really nice teacher. We like her being our teacher in room 14.

And heres some jokes to .... pick up the pace...
Whats red and squishy and weights ten tons? An inside out monster.
What do you call non toxic gas? Gas
What do you call a undersea wedding? A wet Bride and Groom.
What do you call a piogen with no legs? a pigeon with no legs.

By Pablo and Raneel