Thursday, September 2, 2010



One of my best and most favourite achievements was going on the scooby doo spooky coaster more than one time. I felt really proud of myself but at the same time really scared. Thanks to my brother Trey and my two cousins Jordan & Connor they helped me achieve this.

By Ariana

One of my greatest achievements is my first airplane ride by myself. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous, because my parents weren’t going to be with me,excited because it’s my first plane ride by myself.

By Lola

One of my achievements is helping out at church on Sundays as a page boy. I feel proud of this because I get to help people and go up the front. by David.

My greatest achievement was getting into inner-city swimming sports . I felt excitingly proud of myself for my achievement . By Charlotte!

One of my biggest achievements was i won 20-0 and i scored 3 of the goals . I felt proud of myself and my team because we worked really well as a team. By Sofia !

One of my greatest achievements is being chosen for the A team 2 years running. Also. getting my team into the quarter finals. I felt angry, because a stupid pole had betrayed us, exhausted because of running around and proud for getting so far. By Raiden

One of my best achievement was when i passed my first guitar exam . Out of 100% i got 66% and i had to get 60% to pass . i felt really proud because it was my first guitar exam ever . By Emma

My biggest achievement yet is reading the Harry Potter series from beginning to end. When I finished the series I felt sad as if I had lost a great friend but also proud that I had achieved such an amazing/zazazing reading level.

By Pipi

When I was 7 I had a Goal to come 1st 2nd or 3rd in my swim school. I came 1st when I achieved it I felt proud and happy of myself. So that was 1 of my achievements!!

By Alyssa Barrett

My biggest achievement was when we were going to vs the wildcats who were at the top of our divistion in the 2nd half I scored my sixth goal of the season and we had won 1- 0

By Caleb

My greatest achievement was getting my first goal in netball. I felt very excited and proud because it was my first goal and we won because of it.


One of my greatest recent achievements was saving enough money up for my ipod touch. I felt disappointed that I couldn't get it earlier but excited because I can now enjoy my ipod touch.

By Georgia

On a very sunny saturday on the 28th august at Mt smart stadium in Penrose there was a very competitive game. It was where the Point Chevalier Pirates played the Otara Scorpions, they were fighting for the Phelan Shield in the grand final. Uala was in the Pt Chev Pirates. Some of Room 16 was there to cheer Uala and the pirates on and guess who won? The Pt Chevaliar Pirates. The final score was 37-12, it was breathtaking and fantastic. This was one of Ualas greatest achievements, here is some of ours in room 16

By Ariana, George and Alyssa

My greatest achievement was getting into cross country inner city. I felt really proud of my self because it was my goal.

By Filo

One of my greatest achievements was coming 3rd two years in a row in athletics . I feel proud of my self for coming a great place in athletics because i did a lot of practice.

From Julius

One of my greatest achievement this year is scoring my first try in rugby league against Ponsonby Ponies. I felt proud to score my first try for the season because I worked hard for it.

By floyd

One of my greatest achievements I have done is getting into St. Cuthberts!!! I felt over joyed because no boys will annoy me there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Alice

When I was 5 my greatest achievement was in my semi finals in gymnastics I came 1st and got a big a big gold trophy. I felt proud of my self for all my hard work.

By Maya.

One of my achievements is we have managed to win all our netball games this season and had an awesome great attitude whether the other team was nice or not.