Thursday, December 8, 2011

Room 16

I am Room 16.

The work on the wall is my skin.

I need children in the classroom to survive.

Kindergartens are my cousins.

My getaway is a school holiday program.

My job is a teacher.

I desire a classroom full of children.

By Emma

Friday, October 7, 2011

Message from Raro

Hi Room 16,

Today is Thursday the 4th of Oct at 8:50am in Rarotonga, but there in Grey Lynn it is the 5th of Oct at 7:50am. Today is also the day after my wedding and it was with out a doubt the greatest day of my life. I have so much to tell you about our trip that it will have to wait till I get home. We hope you have been having fun while I have been away, but most importantly learning loads of new things. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday, take care and I will see you all "Bright and Early" Monday morning, Term 4.

From Mr & Mrs Toamaka

p.s Stella have a great day and I wish you all the best for your new life in Australia keep in touch.

Monday, September 12, 2011


In room 16 we have been writing poems. We have written haiku poems and cinquain poems. We are soon going to do slam poems and limerick poems. I'm really enjoying doing poems.
Here are some I have written myself.

crunchy buttery
popping crunching loving
Butter dripping from delicious popcorn

All Blacks
We wear Black and White
Black plus White equals All Blacks
We love the All Blacks

Sporty cheerful
crazy unusual friendly
A funny flexible gymnast

Rugby World cup
There are lots of teams
Screaming and shouting from fans
Smiles everywhere

By Amy

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my tornoment

On Sunday 4 of September 2011 my soccer team had a tournament at Madils farm we had three group games we won all of them. 1 Nil twice and 4 one once. We are second round this match was not close we had 20 shots on goal but not one went in and it went to penaltys. I scored my penalty as we won four two and were in to the semi finals it was really close but we let in an early goal. we domanatid the second half but we lost. after that we went home.

click below for a link to the western springs website

by Matt

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My soccer

I play for Western springs soccer club. I play for the 10th grade premier A team. This is the best 10th grade team!. We have practice on friday at 4'Oclock pm.In my team is Matt, Harry, Oscar, Milla, Sydney, Bronson, Ethan, MaxD, MaxO, Bradley and the coach is Jason.We also do Futsal. We are the bomb! We have also done tournaments We came 3rd last time and 2nd the next time.In a month also we have a three day tournament. Its called nationals Its nearly the biggest tournament in Auckland! So If you see me around school please say good luck!

By Robbie

When I went shopping in town.

On sunday the 4th of september Hannah, (my sister) Tamae (our student) and I went shopping in town. First we went on the bus to go to town and then we were going to go to new market but we changed our mind and just stayed in town. We went to the warehouse and went to the food court to buy some food. After that we went to some clothes shops like, Supre, Glassons, Dotti, Lippy, Tattys, Cotton on, Rubi shoes, Paris Texas and peter alexander. Hannah bought a pair of shorts from Glassons, which I am very jealous of. Next we went to timezone and we did Photo booth, when the photo printed out we gave it to Tamae so she could keep it. I got a new timezone card. Then we went to Lush Hannah bought a tub of this lip balm but it was made out sugar so you could lick your lips and it would taste like vanilla, and I was jealous of that too. We came back home by bus. When we came back home Hannah tried on her shorts and I ate a whole lot of food.

By Olivia Meder

Monday, September 5, 2011


Every second Tuesday I always look forward to. Because every second Tuesday morning we have a fitness rotation around to Ruth for Gymnastics. Every day we have a rotation but Gymnastics is always my favorite. Why? It just always has been. Our fitness rotation has recently started up, and its heaps of fun. On Friday instead we have an art and science rotation which is extremely interesting. I just love it. Every Friday I go to the YMCA gymnastics to get into more active stuff. But on Tuesday I enjoy more relaxing things. It is an enjoyable sport more people should try.

By Briar

News of Happy Feet the penguin

A couple weeks ago some explores found an Emperor penguin separated from his family .They then bought him back to Wellington where they made him an enclosure in the Zoo.100s of children came and visited every day.They soon gave him the name Happy Feet.They have now taken him back to Antarctic where he has found his family.

By Mia

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My favorite holidays!

On Thursday the first week of the holidays my Mum, Dad, and I went to my Grandparents house in New Plymouth. The trip takes about five hours. By the time we got there it was time for bed. The next day and for the rest of the week till monday I didn't do to much because my brother Oscar and two of his friends were still there. My favorite part till monday was baking a cake and Tirimasi. On Monday my parents left with my brother and his 2 friends. The next day me and my grandma made a dress for my Aunties old doll once we had fineshed I decied to take the dress home for my mums doll. On Wednesday my grand parnts and I went to Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part 2, my favorite part was at the end when the screen went blank and the words 19 years later came up in white, then it showed Harry ,Jenny ,Himiony and Ron as adults with their children going to hogwarts on hogwarts exspress. To me the saddest part was when Ron found out that his older brother fred had deid. To me it was the best movie I have ever seen in my life so far so if you haven't seen it go and see it now. On thursday my grandma and I went and got a new pair of shoes they are grey chuk-taylors, they are a little to big but I will grow in to them. On friday I made another dress for a smaller doll it had black and white top and skirt with a little belt. I also made a pair of black pants to go with a top. The next day my friend Ruby from up the road came down to go to the zoo. At the zoo you were allowed to feed most of the animals. At one point I tried to feed the ostrich but I was to scared to do it out of my hand so I held out my cup of food and suddenly it pecked my cup and half of it fell all over the place! it was quite anoying because I couldn't feed to much more animals. Another time we fed the geese they started opening there mouths and started walking towards me. On sunday I packed my bags to leave then went to the airport to go back home. I had a great holiday and I
cant wait to go back.

The End

By Emily

My Holiday

On Friday last week (the last week of the holidays) my cousins from Samoa came over to New Zealand. (they arrived on Sunday)So me, my dad, my mum and brother decided to take them to Clip n' Climb. So we picked them up and took them to our house because our session hadn't started yet. Then it was time to go to Clip n' Climb. When we got there my little cousin who just turned four wanted to go to the bathroom so I took her but then she didn't want to go so I took her all the way back then she started to run away and try and climb one of the walls (without the harness). So I had to literally drag her back to where we were, then the man started to call all the people who were in the next session. He told us what to do and we had to be checked by a parent if we were thirteen or under.The the fun started!! I climbed almost everything except I didn't climb up to the very top. I would say that my favourite one to climb was this green one that had these little circles popping out and if you were really good at it you could use these velcro gloves to climb it and the one that I didn't really like that much was this one that you could only use your hands to climb and it was also not solid it was blown up. After walking around trying to find which one to climb our session was over. So we all lined up to take our harness's off. After that we had to go drop off my cousins. When we got there we were hungry so we persuaded my mum to take us to St Lukes to get us some lunch and it worked. After that we had to go so we said goodbye and took off back to our place. And that was the end of our day (just to let you know I had an unplanned sleepover but its probably gonna take a while for you to read this so this is the end.)

By Stella

Monday, August 1, 2011

My favourite birthday ever

When my party finally came I was so so happy I wanted it to happen as soon as I woke up. 15 friends came and 7 family members My party was on Saturday the 16th of July 2011 I was going to extreme trampoline We got there by car. When a few people came to my house We then left to go to extreme trampoline. When we got there I was as exited as I was at my 5th birthday party. We got to learn how to do back flips and forward flips. It was so so much fun. You could jump onto walls and play in the boxing bouncy castle. I did not want to leave. After 2 hours we left to go to my house for some cake and food and open my presents. I got so many I did not know where to put them all at 4 o clock every one went home. We then had dinner and some friends for a sleepover. I felt great because I shared my party with my friends
That was my birthday party.

By Emma


On the holidays I went to my cousins house out south we went on wanna watch .com & watched transformers 3 dark side of the moon. It was so awesome when the action bits happened, the funnest bit for me is when Sam's new girlfriend tells megatron to come SMASH!!!! Optimus primes opponent named ronamessprime the dumbest part is when ironhide dies that was my worst part but at least the reast of the primes kill the decepacons By Ethan

Monday, July 11, 2011

100 days of learning

On Thursday the 7th of June, tiny little butterflys were fluttering around in my stomach. It was 100 days of learning and I knew both dances and everything, but that was not what I was concerned about. I had been at home for the past few days (as in two) and had only had one moving-around practice. I know I am a bit of a worry wart because I can just follow every one else but I can't help worrying about these things. First the year 6s did their item, a melody in maori, and then we did our item, Grey lynn e and Toi a mai then simply walked around to the back of the juniors. The teachers had definitely changed the way we were going to move around. The kowhai team performed their item, then the juniors performed their complicated piece to the music of Here comes the sun. But that was only the end of the team perfomances, there was still the the Samoan group and Bolliwood group to come. The Samoan group came first and did some songs like le aute that we did more when I was younger and a complicated thing that had to be done really quickly to keep up with the beat of a wooden instrument being hit with a pair of wooden drumsticks. Last of all was the Bolliwood group. I was really looking forward to the Bolliwood because at Aloha they performed a really, truly amazing, complicated item. This one was the same one as before but slightly modified so the bolliwood teacher wasn't involved and so it was all down to the children. But it still was just as amazing as before. Then finally it was all finished I realised I almost had pins and needles and some how I had managed to get them standing up. I quickly shook my legs out but I was to late. I already had them. It was a long morning tea and me and my friends looked through the new class rooms that had art work in and took a trip up to the food stall that had been set up to sell cakes and things to raise money for the school. Then the bell rang for back to class and I felt rather sad most of the fun was over for the day and had to be hidden away for another day.

by Briar

Friday, July 8, 2011


At grey lynn school there was an art exhibition. In each class two people get chosen to be in an art exhibition. The people who won in my class was Mia and Jennifer. On the same day it was 100 days of learning. In the library some peoples art got to go to pasadena intermediate art exhibition. In my class we did screen printing we did one with grass and the sky and one with one light colour, I did light green. How you make the screen print is you get a piece of paper and cut out the road or the mountain then you get the screen put it over the road or the mountain and there is a, well it is sort of like a window wiper and it wipes the paint through the screen and on to the paper.

by Anisah

100 Days of Learning

At Grey Lynn school it was 100 days of learning.
Before the performance we had our parents or grandparents come in and we had to show them the work we had done and the art exhibition if you wanted to. (I showed my grandparents my landscape and my really long narrative) If your parents didn't come then you were to either finish off a 100 days of learning sheet for your parents or do the thinking keys. After we showed our work we had to go up to the court to start the performance. First the Totara team did their performance. We did the Haka and sung a few moari songs. It was fun and then the kowhai team did their really cool space dance? (I think it was a space dance) And then next was the puriri team they did their dance to Here comes the sun. Soon after that there was the Samoan group it was pretty impressive it also looked complicated. After it was the Bollywood group it was really cool I really liked the songs and the dance moves. After all the dances it was finished and the parents could have morning tea with us. We had a long morning tea. After morning tea we got too see the other classrooms artwork. Then it was back to doing what we usually do everyday

By stella

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On the 30Th of June the grey Lynn school rugby league team went to Cox's bay for a rugby league tournament.when we got there we got into gear to get ready for the games our first game was against point chevalier pirates there a really strong team. point Chev scored the first try then we scored the second. Mathew one of my team mates scored our second try witch put us in front of the pirates witch was good but this big boy from the pirates ran very hard at us & nearly scored a try but kiamanna&te ua took him down near the try line but then they scored. then the half time bell went. then at the second half we didn't even score a try so that's how we lost the first game the score was 6-5 so we only lost by a try.the next game was against west mere man there a strong team they kept on kicking it out on the ten & get the ball back so they scored five trys in the first half& we only scored one then the hooter went & that was the end of the first half in the second half west mere scored again i told you they were a strong team witch put them 6-2 then we scored witch put us 3-6 so we were losing by 3 witch wasn't good then they scored again witch put them seven three then the hooter went & then that means that we lost again. then we vs bay feiled for third place they scored the first try then we scored the second so we scored another try so we won third place but someone spacial was there he was a legend his name was STACEY JONES !!!!!!!!!! he anonced the shield win er witch was west mere on to school in David-rays mums car called joy we listen to cool down nearly on FULL BLAST!!!!!. if i could have a snap shot of the day it would be going down to Cox's bay having a laugh & on the way back having the radio on full blast . by Ethan

Monday, July 4, 2011

The rugby league

On the 30th June the rugby league team for grey Lynn school left to Cox's bay for the rugby league tournament. Some parents had to help with transport my dad helped with transport but anyway when we got to Cox's bay we got into our rugby league gear to get ready to SMASH!!!!!!!! We put on our mouth guard and boots but then uala told us it was bare feet so we took off our rugby boots. It was grey lynn vs point chevalier pirates. they did a forward pass during the game and they knocked on the ball. The score at the end of the game was 6-5 we lost by only one point but we didn't care as long as we had fun. Then we had a game with Westmere they were very cheeky and they had good players.Our person who got a try against Westmere was Matthew he was a very good player during the game. They won the game by 7-3 they were very good but who cares as long as we had fun in the game. Then we had a long lunch break we were eating hard out because we were so hungry so we ate all our lunch then we had a little digestion then we had a little play then we were training with the warriors we did a relay then it was grey Lynn against bay field. It was a tie so we had to have a golden point then at the end kiamana scored the last try for the golden point. Then it was west mere vs point Chev, Westmere won and then it was prize giving my cousin jeru got a prize it was porridge and cereal this was for player of the day Westmere won the shield that THE GREAT AND SUPER AWESOME MAN of the awesome super warriors of the awesome legend of 2011 and he will for 2012 the legend Stacey Jone's once had then my mum dropped off us at school they were Te Ua and Jeru and last but not least Ethan when we got to school we stayed in the car to listen to kolohi Kai's song it was called cool down we stayed in the car for about 4 or 5 minutes. At the end we went to room 16 had a little relax then we went home for a rest of the day and that's the story about rugby league tournament the end. thank you for reading about the awesome rugby league tournament against other schools. by yours sincerely

David-Ray Isiah lelisi
the end
HOORAY for grey Lynn's rugby league team


Friday, July 1, 2011

My soccer

On saturday's my soccer team verses other team's. Our team is called the Campos. We are in the 4'th division soccer. We represent western springs I think our team will get higher on the ladder. The best team is the Shultz we played them on June 25th we lost 4 to 1. I love my soccer.

by Cameron

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My swim traning

I train for swimming 2 times a week for 45 mins. My favourite stork in swimming is breast stroke because it is different to the other strokes. My hardest stork is butterfly because you have to do confusing things all at one time. my swim teacher is called glen he is nice but he is harder on the boys. I go to mt Eden swim school which is next to the back of mt Eden primary. Normally our warm up is 300 meters which is 12 length's. I love swimming because I love the water.

By Emma

Monday, June 20, 2011

EOTC week

On the 13th of June it was EOTC week. On Monday we got put into our groups my group was called John street.We played trust games, toxic waste and spider web. On Tuesday we did mosaic art, carpentry and tent building. On Wednesday it was the best because we went to Birkenhead leisure centre.We did high ropes kayaking and archery.On the last two days we made a scrape book, poster or an iMovie. I had so much fun.

By Otto.

On the 13Th of June it was E.O.T.C week. On Monday Sandie put us in our groups and my group was the Eliminators then we went and did our activities. Here are some activities that the Eliminators did: spiderweb,parachute,orienteering and toxic waste. On Tuesday it was another fun day too and we made pikelets and tiles, the pikelets were really yummy. On Wednesday it was the best day ever and we did three activities and they were high ropes,kayaking and archery and some people were scared doing the high ropes ahhhhhh!!!!!!! and on Thursday we finishing off our work.on Friday we had to make a poster,key note or a scrap book and that was the end of E.O.T.C week.

By Salote.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

paint the earth

A couple of weeks ago I went to paint the earth.Paint the earth is a shop where you buy a sculpture and they supply you with paints, paintbrush's and pens. Then you paint your sculpture and leave it at the shop.When you come back a couple of days later your sculpture will be ready.
I have gone to paint the earth 4 times and I really want to go again! Here is a photo of me and the sculptures I have painted.

To go to the paint the earth website click on the link below

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Screen printing

For our art we are doing screen printing. We had to do two backgrounds one with a solid colour and one with a sky and a ground.This is the procedure.

1. Get a piece of black paper,white paper and paint (you need Black,white,red,
green and blue and yellow)
2. Paint a sky and a ground any colour you want on the black paper.
3. On the white paper you paint one solid colour
4. draw and cut out your mountain and use the rest of the paper for screen printing
(put the cut out mountain in the bin)
5. let the painting dry
6. then put the plain piece of paper that you cut out from over your painting and use a screen to screen print by putting paint over the screen and spreading it around the screen.
7. then take the paper off and let it dry
8.draw and cut out something else out ( a road,plant,water fall or a bridge)like number 4.
9.screen print the other thing under the mountain
10.then you can paint any other details on your picture
11.there you have it a screen print
12. your picture rocks!

We hope you have fun doing your screen print, look in soon for our finished screen print.
By Amy and Ruby!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Grey Lynn Cross Country

On Friday we had cross country . The year 5 and 6 did the whole grey lynn park . In my race the winner was Otto 2nd place went to Robbie and 3rd place went to Matt I came 14th but I don't care . They were giving out juice box's for 1 dollar per box I got 4, two for me and two for my sister they sold out in seconds . I had lots of fun and I cant wait untill next cross contry .

by Jack .

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Year 5s netball game

On Monday the year 5 team had there first netball game of the year we lost 17-2 because they were two grades in front of us. I played goal keep, goal defense, wing attack and goal shot. There are 10 people in my team. My favourite position is centre and goal attack. I have played for 1 year and 1 day My big sister plays and her team has got more then 42 point's in one game I love netball so you should try it.

Click the link below to find out more about where I play

Nintendo Ds

Have you ever wanted a portable game boy well there is one called a Nintendo DS you can get game's like Super Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and drawn to life it has a touch pad and two screen's they come in all kinds of Colour's like green , black, white and blue there are different type's of Ds's there are Nintendo Ds lite and nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS. I like Nintendo DS because you can talk to other people through wireless called pictochat if your bored you can just play on the DS the best thing is every DS has it's own unek ability like the 3DS is 3d or the DSi has a camera but of course you can just have the DS but there harder to find now the DS say's when it is low on battery because there is a lite that say's it is charges bye turning green if it is red it doe's not have much power left

for more information click the link below

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Minecraft is a really cool game where you can build Lot's of stuff like sky scraper's and tower's with steal and you mine for good's there are four option's easy, normal, hard and peaceful I really like this game because you can do so many thing's you can buy the full version for around $27 it is much better then the not full version I love the game but I can't say it's my favorite
ps look out for bad thing's at night on easy normal and hard
for more information on minecraft click on the link below

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Great Soccer Coach Billy

Billy Harris my soccer coach .Billy has been coaching me since I was 5. I see him Monday and every other day of the week except Friday. He coaches the 9th grad rep team which I'm in. Since we have had Billy as our coach we have not lost a game. I really like him being my coach because he does not yell and he is nice.

If you want to find out more about Billy click on the link below

Wild Word West Game

Wild Word West is a game that kids aged 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 and maybe 9 and ages up to 11 and down to 3. Its a fun game that kids might play. I like the game and I'm 9. I first played this game in term 1 in March and I thought it was fun. wild word west is a type of country game where you get 2 goes to try find the guy on the WANTED poster and you need to look at the faces that might match the poster. Also you look for the meaning of the word below the photo to find a word that means the same. To go forward you press the arrow to your right and to go back you press the arrow on your left and to capture them you press space bar.

If you would like to have a go click on the link below.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Never shake a baby.

In Roots of Empathy we have been learning to never shake a baby.
Baby's go to hospital because they have been shaken. It causes bad injuries and for example they have brain damage, deafness, blindness and more very bad injuries you might know of! A baby might be crying because it is hungry, lonely, uncomfortable clothing, Diaper changing and many more. Also we have a baby to look after in room 16( for real every three weeks!) His name is Niko. We looked at his feelings and what he was going to do next and asked his mother some questions about him. But most of the questions that we asked her were yes or no answers. We asked her questions like:
Does he have allergies?
How often does he sleep?
How do you spell his name?(because Uala didn't know how to spell his name!)
And we asked plenty more questions.
Also remember this, that a crying baby is not a bad baby it is a baby that has a problem.

If you want to find out more about Roots of Empathy click the link below

By Jennifer

Thursday, May 5, 2011

disaster made by mother nature

There's been Lot's disaster happening around the world. The way I feel about them is really bad because I cant help them.What is mother nature doing to our world ? What I think mother nature is doing is getting ready for 2012, what do you think?
Here are 5 of them.
1. Albany tornado that was 226 km in the middle of the tornado.
2. The Christchurch earthquake the magnitude 7.3.
3. The Japanese earthquake magnitude 8.9.
4. The tsunami in japan after the earthquake.
5.The tornadoes that were in the USA.
All these disaster are all made by mother nature.

Japans Earthquake and Tsunami

Did you know about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? that was really sad right. If I was the prime minister I will give them lots of money to Japan and build them lots of city's . My less favourite part about the Japan earthquake and tsunami was that when peoples houses got damage . Question:How did you feel about the disaster?

By Salote.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yesterday a tornado hit Albany at 3:01 . Made its root to Pt Chev and then Mt Roskill and died down there. They confirmed last night on the 6:00 news that 1 people had died. cars were flipped over and a trampoline flew onto a roof. Someone got picked up by the tornado and got one scratch on his arm . When I watched the news I was afraid it was going to come to grey Lynn but it didn't.

By Ruby

The Royal Wedding

On the 29 of April Prince Will and Kate Middleton got married at Westminster Abey. Some of the royals that I remember that went to the wedding were prince Charles, camilla, the Queen and Prince Wills cousin's. My favourite part of the wedding was seeing Kate's dress and staying up late.

By Acacia

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Big Game

On Saturday my team called ponsonby ponies vs waitamata sea eagles the first half I was first sub with my team mates called Alayna, Nathan, and Veana. My cousin Kobe was the first one to get a try but when it was their turn to tap they went every where until Elijah tackled him. At the end of the game we had prize giving in our club room I was so scared that I would get nothing but I did I got player of the day I got some chocolate but I was so dirty so when I got home I had a shower then I ate them. I felt happy because we won 6-4.

My Great holiday

In the holidays I went to the cook islands. We went snorkling I saw blue starfish, fish, turtles and lots more. Each day we caught crabs, the crabs had one big claw and one small claw. We went swimming every day. There was a sand bar in the middle of the sea. We went out for dinner every night my favourite dinner was fish and chips and my favourite dessert was 3 scoops of ice-cream with chocolate sauce on top plus a cherry on top.We went there because it was our friends wedding. I was the ring bearer which is someone who looks after the rings. I had a great holiday

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My reflection about this term

This term I enjoyed reading the book The Witches. I also enjoyed writing my narrative (which I am still writing) and I also enjoyed doing topic because we got to turn our desks into islands and being able to have a chief and making up what the villagers, queen, princess and chief need to wear.What I didn't like about this term was going swimming because it got really cold for me. But what I most enjoy is having Uala as my teacher!

By Stella

My reflection about this term

This term I enjoyed writing our narrative I didn't get to finish it yet but I did have a lot of fun doing it. I also enjoyed doing Topic because we got our table groups and made them in to Islands my table is called chocolate $ land and we were about to get killed by smarlys our arch enemys why were about to get killed by them because Uala gave our groups stuff to live with and to use. All the groups names Island, chocolate $ land, Death Island , smarlys. But my most favorite part about this term was having Uala as a teacher.

by Emily

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Softball Tournament

On the 7th of April Grey Lynn school went to the inner city soft ball tournament at Coxes Creek reserve. Our school players had to be at school by half past 8 because we left at 9. The walk there was long but not many people were tired. When we got there we put our bags under a tree and a tarpaulin over them so they would not get wet. After that every one listened to a man speaking with a mega phone but people could here him better with out it so he did not use it. He told us were the games would be and how they would be run. There were 9 comp teams. Our teams (comp team for Grey Lynn) first game was against Marist. The weather was changing heaps! It was raining and then it was sunny and then windy and on and on. We just lost. But it was a close game. Next we played against Westmere yellow. My hat got blown of twice. They won to.We won our 3rd game against saint Francis! Zeniff got a home run in that game!In our 4th game against west mare green we lost again!Finally it was our last game.It was a against Westmere green again........WE WON! We came 5th out of 9 teams. The walk home was tiring, but when we got back to school we got to relax for some time. My snap shot of that day was the rain.

By Jeru


Hi! This term for topic we have been learning about colonisation. We did plays to show what has been happening. I'm in the Chocolate money land group and the Smarleys are trying to steal our fertile land from us. Uala had three canoes and one ship to give out to the groups. Unfortunately Smarleys got it. But we got the biggest Island with just enough of every thing on the map. Some people from each Island designed clothes for their Island and some did recording. My favorite part was doing the play because Mia (the chief of smarleys) was very stubborn which made it more entertaining.The picture above is of our Island, the light green is grass land, the dark green is fertile (good growing) land, the yellow is desert land and the water is infested with sharks!

By Briar

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Room 16 census

In room 16 we have been doing a census. First we looked at other census from other years. After that we made questions and put them on paper. After that we did the procedure and took the census home and filled it out with our mum and dad. On the following Monday we gathered the data and made tally charts. After that we made our own presentation with all the data on it. After we finished we shared them. Here is mine....

By Robbie


In room 16 we have been learning about colonisation .We have been doing role plays to show what is happening on are island. My island is trying to blow up another island and it has not been successful. The islands are called Kiwi Island,Death Island,Chocolate $ land and the Smarlys. The picture shows what our islands look like, ours is the small one at the bottom.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In Room 16 we have been learning about Colonisation and what it means. Colonisation means another country travels to another country and gets some land or tells them to sign a treaty. We all wrote down in our topic books why did people travel to other lands? And how did people acquire land when they got there. I wrote down people traveled to other lands because they wanted to trade, share, fight, battle and steal. People acquired land by signing a treaty, by killing and trading.

By Olivia


In room 16 we have been learning about narratives. A narrative has a setting, some characters, and an orientation. It also has a series of events and a problem and solution and finally an ending. Most narratives are made up but some are based on a true story. My narrative is about a bear and a seal that lose a weapon and go on a journey to get it back.

By Matt

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Roots of Empathy

In room 16 we are learning to step in to the shoes of others. We have a baby come in called Nico he comes in every 3 weeks . He can gurgle, laugh and cry AND sleep . We are learning how the baby is feeling and if its hungry also NEVER SHAKE a baby.

By Anton

Our Landscape Art

Room 16 have been learning about landscapes how they need a foreground and mid-ground also a background also it always has a horizon line.We have been looking at Grant McSherry who is a nz landscape artist and how he makes great pictures of landscapes.

BY David-ray

Monday, March 28, 2011

My learning this year so far

This year for maths room 16 has been learning about the census.This is the procedure of what we did
1. write down questions
2. Bring it home
3. Get everyone in your household to write down their answers
4. Bring it back so you can collect the data
5. Then display the data into graphs and write a conclusion
We had to do a poster, a news paper or a slide show.I did a pop out poster. I learnt how to do a stem and leaf graph and I learnt heaps of facts on the census like there is one every 5 years and I learnt the procedure and lots more facts.I really enjoyed doing Room 16's census!

By Amy

Friday, March 25, 2011

Aloha awesomeness

On the 18th of march 2011 we had Aloha night . There was lots of yummy stuff like candy-floss the size of my head and strings with at lest 20-50 Lolly's on it .Plus me and Ethan helped with the umu. It was really fun .

By Jack .


Last Friday it was ALOHA! There was lots of awesome things like: lots of yummy food like candy floss, live music/performances,having fun with friends and family and much much more.Overall it was a wonderful night and I will thank all the teachers,community and kids for making it happen.

By Celia

P.S I can't wait till next year!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aloha night

I could not stop thinking about Aloha because I knew how exciting it was last year so this year I thought it would be more exciting and it was. My most favourite parts were doing the dances and spending money also getting a ring and a necklace that both light up when you push a button. After Aloha on Monday Dean our care taker cleaned the school and if we didn't have Dean then we would have to clean the school now that would be quite tiring.

By Phoenix

Aloha night

At Aloha day I could not stop thinking about Aloha night!I was jumping up and down. You should be jumping up and down to about it. I was the leader of the jump jam so I was shaking all over. It was really annoying because I was trying to dance but the parents were so close to me also the music started going to fast so what did I do.......I went super mode! BUT! my most favorite part was the candy floss! The candy floss was bigger than my head.
Anyway hope you enjoyed reading my point of view about ALOHA NIGHT!

p.s I can't wait till the next one

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


On friday before ALOHA I felt really Excited I couldn't stop jumping . When it was the performance something went wrong with the Music because it went really fast .But I kept on going so I danced really fast like the Music did. Our class bobbed up and down when it was the kapa haka group . After the performance I had some chicken and rice for my dinner . After
dinner I had a massive block of candy floss . I felt sad when we left because I really Enjoyed ALOHA I wish I could stay.

Monday, March 14, 2011

What am I looking forward to at Aloha

I am looking forward to food and shaved ice and being with my family and friends because It is nice being with family and the food is nice.By Otto

What I am looking forward to at Aloha?

What I am looking forward to at Aloha is games because I want to see what they have because last year I didn't have time to see them all.

By Salote.

Monday, March 7, 2011

What am I looking forward to at ALOHA?

At Aloha I am looking forward to how the bands and groups perform on stage and all the friends and family coming to see all our performances!

By Jennifer

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What am I looking forward to at Aloha?
I am looking forward to seeing all the bands and having fun. also having shaved Ice and sweet things.

by Acacia.

What am I looking forward to at aloha ?

I'm looking forward to performing at Aloha and shaved ice and Lot's of game's and the bands also.

by Max D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Relationships - 2011

Kia Ora, Fakalofa lahi atu, Bula Vanaka, Talofa Lava, Konichiwa, Malo lelei and welcome to Room 16s blog page. In room 16 this year we are going to be learning about Relationships. We know that relationships don't have to be with people, they can change, they can be good or bad, and they always have a purpose. Feel free to explore and comment on our page....

Question: What are you looking forward to this year?

Uala - All the buildings being complete for Grey Lynn school to use. Emma- I am looking forward to going to the cook islands for a wedding were I look after the rings. David-Ray- I am looking forward to the new building Jeru-I am looking ford to the school holidays because I might be going to Niue Amy- I am looking forward to E.O.T.C week because you do lots of fun activitys Stella- I am looking forward to going to my auntys wedding in Samoa because i have never been to a wedding in my life! Anton - I am looking forwed to Aloha maths EOTC and the billdings because it will never be the same and it will and it wont change Olivia M - I am looking forward to Aloha because it’s going to be really fun. Jennifer-I am looking forward to Winter netball this year because netball is my favourite sport! Ethan Im looking forard to Aloha because thee is heaps of sweets and I get to spend heaps of money Olivia H - I am looking forward to Aloha and swimming because Aloha is one of my favourite things every year . Also swimming I just like dipping my head under water and seeing if I can win. Anisah - I’m looking forward to Aloha night and EOTC week because they both have really fun stuff there and my mum might come this time. Emily- This year I’m looking forward to net ball and EOTC week. Celia- This year I’m looking forward to all the events that are happening this year. Phoenix- This year I’m looking forward to EOTC week because its going to be so fun. Acacia-this year I’m looking forward to net ball and Aloha. Mia-I’m looking forward to Aloha because we always do a dance. Max J-I am looking forward to making big posters because I think they are fun Salote - I am looking forward to the World Cup because I want to see who Wins. Cameron-I am looking forward to rainy days because I can do art. Matt- I am looking forward to the end of the premier league because i want to know who wins Ruby- I am looking forward to go to Bali because it will be my first over night plane trip. Jack- I am looking forward to going to the USA because we are going to Disneyland and I am really really excited . Briar-I’m looking forward to going up north again so I can explore the bay further and make my secret hideout a bit more of a hideout! Christina-I’m looking forward to EOTC week because it has a lot of awesome things to do. Robbie- this year I am looking forward to Aloha because its always fun. Otto-this year I am looking forward to the cricket and soccer inter city team because it is my first time. Max D-this year i am looking forward to inter city because it’s my first time