Friday, May 6, 2011

Never shake a baby.

In Roots of Empathy we have been learning to never shake a baby.
Baby's go to hospital because they have been shaken. It causes bad injuries and for example they have brain damage, deafness, blindness and more very bad injuries you might know of! A baby might be crying because it is hungry, lonely, uncomfortable clothing, Diaper changing and many more. Also we have a baby to look after in room 16( for real every three weeks!) His name is Niko. We looked at his feelings and what he was going to do next and asked his mother some questions about him. But most of the questions that we asked her were yes or no answers. We asked her questions like:
Does he have allergies?
How often does he sleep?
How do you spell his name?(because Uala didn't know how to spell his name!)
And we asked plenty more questions.
Also remember this, that a crying baby is not a bad baby it is a baby that has a problem.

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By Jennifer


Year 3/4 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

Great recount about your Roots of Empathy project in Room 16. You have included very important messages and you are very lucky to learn this from the gorgeous baby Nico.

Did you ever think that a baby could teach you anything? Hmmm..interesting question to think about.

Keep up the good work and getting those positive messages out there for the world to see.

Andrea Fale, Room13

Jennifer said...


Yes,because then you would know how to hold,and hear what annoying sounds he/she could make when they grow up.Also especially what you sounded like when you were little!

Jennifer,thanks for the question!

Rachel Turner Roots of Empathy said...

Jennifer you have written a wonderful piece on Roots of Empathy - aren't we lucky to have Niko and Tash to teach us such important messages? Good on you girl keep up the great work and remember "never ever shake a baby!"
Rachel - ROE teacher.

About Us said...

What a great blog! We love it - it was really cool to see a story about Niko! We love coming to Room 16 for Roots of Empathy - we look forward to it every time.
It's so fantastic to see you guys learning such important things so early in your lives.

See you this afternoon!
Tash, Awen and Niko xxx