Monday, May 2, 2011

My Great holiday

In the holidays I went to the cook islands. We went snorkling I saw blue starfish, fish, turtles and lots more. Each day we caught crabs, the crabs had one big claw and one small claw. We went swimming every day. There was a sand bar in the middle of the sea. We went out for dinner every night my favourite dinner was fish and chips and my favourite dessert was 3 scoops of ice-cream with chocolate sauce on top plus a cherry on top.We went there because it was our friends wedding. I was the ring bearer which is someone who looks after the rings. I had a great holiday


Juanita said...

Wow Emma that sounds like a great holiday you had in cook island.I also really like three scoop of ice cream as well.I also really like the picture of cook island.

From Juanita

Caro said...

I had a lovely time with u too Emma. Love Mum

Maria Gomes said...

Emma darling, you were the best Ring bearer and you looked so beautiful... thank you for making our wedding day so special...and for a magical and unforgettable holiday... can't wait to go back...start saving! lots of love, Maria Gomes xxx
(your other mama)

caitlin said...

wow Emma sounds so exciting i wish i was at cook island now i bet the wedding was fun to.Was it kind of creepy when you saw those crab legs? keep up the good work i am looking ford to the next blog you do.
from Caitlin

Salote said...

Hi Emma,
you are lucky to go to a nice and lovely island and we are in the cold that's not cool Emma.I've been a ring bearer before at my counsins big wedding.Wow and you had 3 scoops of ice-cream and you eat it all up.I love the picture of Cook island.I wish to go to cook island with my family.

From salote