Thursday, May 5, 2011

disaster made by mother nature

There's been Lot's disaster happening around the world. The way I feel about them is really bad because I cant help them.What is mother nature doing to our world ? What I think mother nature is doing is getting ready for 2012, what do you think?
Here are 5 of them.
1. Albany tornado that was 226 km in the middle of the tornado.
2. The Christchurch earthquake the magnitude 7.3.
3. The Japanese earthquake magnitude 8.9.
4. The tsunami in japan after the earthquake.
5.The tornadoes that were in the USA.
All these disaster are all made by mother nature.


harry said...

Hi Max,

Loved your slide show!! Looks like there has been a lot
of disasters around the planet!

From Harry.

david-ray said...

Love your slideshow!! great max liked how you showed all those disiaters