Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Screen printing

For our art we are doing screen printing. We had to do two backgrounds one with a solid colour and one with a sky and a ground.This is the procedure.

1. Get a piece of black paper,white paper and paint (you need Black,white,red,
green and blue and yellow)
2. Paint a sky and a ground any colour you want on the black paper.
3. On the white paper you paint one solid colour
4. draw and cut out your mountain and use the rest of the paper for screen printing
(put the cut out mountain in the bin)
5. let the painting dry
6. then put the plain piece of paper that you cut out from over your painting and use a screen to screen print by putting paint over the screen and spreading it around the screen.
7. then take the paper off and let it dry
8.draw and cut out something else out ( a road,plant,water fall or a bridge)like number 4.
9.screen print the other thing under the mountain
10.then you can paint any other details on your picture
11.there you have it a screen print
12. your picture rocks!

We hope you have fun doing your screen print, look in soon for our finished screen print.
By Amy and Ruby!!!


Jennifer said...

Hi Amy and Ruby,

It must of been fun screen printing!
I liked how you added a procedure and told us what to do.I also have a question for you two,is screen printing your favourite art to do?

From Jennifer

room 12 Grey Lynn School said...

Hi Amy and Ruby.
Screen printing is really fun i love doing it! I liked how you told us bloggers the steps.

From Nina

Margaret said...

Hi Amy and Ruby,
Your explanation was very easy to follow. I have seen some of your screen prints and they look amazing. I can't wait to see them all when they are finished!

Anonymous said...

Your screen printing looks great,it must have been fun doing that.Maybey I should try it!

Otalani said...

Taloafa Room 16,
Great to see the end product of your screen printing. Well done. Also your instructions on how it all happened was clear. ps love the snaps on your wall already. Keep up the good work Team Players

Stella said...

Hey Amy and Ruby!

I like your slideshow maybe you could try adding just a couple more photos of the screen printing.
And like Jennfier I have a question for you too, If you do like screen printing why? And if you dont why dont you like it?? Anyway well done!!Keep up the good work!!!!!

From Stella

Amy said...

thank you for the comment.
screen printing is my favourite thing in art.My favourite thing to do is GYMNASTICS!
Thanks for the comment.
I like screen printing because I like using the sceen printing tool it's fun!
from Amy

Mia said...

Hi Amy and Ruby. We really liked your procedure and your art work looked really good. What other art works did you like and why?
From Mia and Linda

room 12 Grey Lynn School said...

Hi Amy and Ruby
I like how you told us how you made your screen printing.What else could you make.
From Charlotte