Tuesday, May 31, 2011

paint the earth

A couple of weeks ago I went to paint the earth.Paint the earth is a shop where you buy a sculpture and they supply you with paints, paintbrush's and pens. Then you paint your sculpture and leave it at the shop.When you come back a couple of days later your sculpture will be ready.
I have gone to paint the earth 4 times and I really want to go again! Here is a photo of me and the sculptures I have painted.

To go to the paint the earth website click on the link below


Stella said...

Hey Mia!
I like the sound of paint the earth.I might go there someday.(If my parents let me)I have a question for you.Why do you like paint the earth is it because.....You tell me!
From Stella

Nicholas said...

Hi Mia
I like your sculptures!!Especially the green one its cool!
From Nicholas(Im Stella's little brother you also may know me from room 2!!)

Mia said...

Hi Stella. The thing I like most about paint the earth is that you can choose lots of different types of sculptures and there is a big colour range to paint with.

Ruth said...

Hi Mia,

I agree with Stella and I also like the sound of Paint The Earth. I will have a look at their website from the link you added to your post.

I really love the sculptures you painted. Where do you keep them in your house?

I like the way you used the word 'supply' rather than 'gave you'. Good vocabulary.

Emily said...

hi Mia,
I really like your sculptures.
cant wait till I go!

Room 12 said...

Hi Mia I really liked your sculpture!! I've been to Paint the Earth myself.From Lucy

david-ray and max.J said...

Hello this is Max.J and David-ray

We really like your sculptures and how we liked your fairy,rabbit and your Koru.