Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My karate grading

On Sunday the 20st of September 2015 I went to my karate grading. That's when I have to show my instructors my forms self defence sets and my sets. If we didn't follow an instruction quickly a enough we had to do 10 or 5 push ups or more. After we showed our sets ,forms,and self defence sets we had to spare against each other and ground fight. Ground fighting is when you can take down someone and hop on top of them. My partner got me down but I  kind of escaped. After sparing we had to take of our gear and go on one knee will the grading panel went outside and talked about our grading. I passed and became an orange advanced. I even got a certificate. After my grading I was really proud of myself for my grading. I really enjoyed grading.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Anas life of unicycle

I have been doing unicycle for one hole year. Unicycle is totally not simple or a easy thing. It has one wheel two peddles but there are no handles so it's not easy to balance at all so I recommend that you have a spotter, a wall or something to hold on that's stable if it's your first time because if you don't you would fall of straightaway and probably hurt yourself but not to badly. On the unicycle i can do a 360, go back and forwards, almost jump and I can just about do a free mount. If you don't know what free mounting is its going on a unicycle with no help at all. It took two weeks for me to do more then a metre and now I can do all of Victoria park were I learnt. My dads a boss of the circus and also one in Dargival/ Baylis beach and the one that I like most is one in Germany called Fantasia .

Untitled from Room 13 GLS on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Miu's birthday

On June The 23rd it is my birthday!!! I woke up really early and I saw my presents and I will start with my new doll, her name is Ashlynn Ella daughter of Cinderella. Goes to a school called Ever After High but that's another story. She wore a swim suit that is silk fabric , and her skirt  is lace with golden Flowers on it. And for my next present is a ....... Dollhouse it is up to my eyebrow and it's 4 levels. It also has an elevator, and a balcony. And it  was also it morning. Then I got dressed and had sushi for breakfast and lunch and had a fun day at school. When I came back from school we got to make The dollhouse , and it was a lot of work holding everything. For dinner I had plain old noodles and my Parents ate really really spicy noodles and dumblings I was not expecting that for dinner. After I had dessert, my called after we just came in from dinner. For dessert I had chocolate cake with milk chocolate on top , and also some icing in different colours. And the the colours were pink, blue, and yellow. The dollhouse has a kichen, a bathroom, a lounge and a bedroom. The end

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pablo, Lola, Stella and Nate

Super Onomatopeias- iMovie on words that represent sounds!

Untitled from Room 13 GLS on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Georgia, Hannah, Finch and Pablo: making writing BETTER

More metaphors and similes:

Metaphors and Similes from Room 13 GLS on Vimeo.

Oli, Elliot, Emma and Jozier: Similes and Metaphors

In Room 14 we are wanting to always improve our writing. Similes and metaphors are a way of doing that. Here is our iMovie trailer on them. Enjoy!

Similes and Metaphors from Room 13 GLS on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Yacht Ride

A few days ago I went on a yacht. The yacht tilted it was freaky! It was my dads friends yacht.
The yacht had two floors.  It had one cabin and two bedrooms and no tv. The boat ride was fun. My favourite part was when I got to drive the yacht.

By Katie

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The 3 Curious Kids

In Room 14 we have learning about curiosity and how it motivates us to learn. We have made an iMovie about curiosity. Please enjoy and comment below!

The 3 curious kids from Room 13 GLS on Vimeo.

By Elliot, Finch and Ana

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


CHERUB is a book series that I read, I started reading CHERUB because my teacher, uala recommended it and I would of started reading it anyway because my brother reads CHERUB. I just started reading the forth book in the series and so far my favourite book in the series  is the 3rd one called Maximum security I'd rate it 8/10 there's 12/13 CHERUB books, and there's a 2nd CHERUB series that has 4 books so far. The reason I did 12/13 before was because one of the books is part 8 and a half  thats called Dark Sun, I haven't read it so I'm not sure what it has in it but it's not actually part of the series it's just an extra book in the series. There is another series that's about how CHERUB was made, it's called Henderson's boys and its got 7 books in the series. All these books are written by a guy called: Robert Muchamore, there's also another series of books that doesn't actually have a name for the series but I call it the Rock war series because the first book in the series is called Rock war,I'm not sure how many books there are in the series but I'm guessing at least 5 books, by the way the Rock War series has nothing to do with CHERUB, it's not in the same world or anything. If your wondering what CHERUB is it's a thing where kids go on missions and get bad guys wich it TERRIBLE, the main character is called: James. The reason I do CHERUB in capital letters is because CHERUB stands for something and I'm quite sure that the H in CHERUB stands for Henderson but I don't know what the rest stands for, I'd recommend if you start reading the first book called: The Recruit. CHERUB is a great series and you should read it.

By: Finch

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In the Holidays

In the holidays I went to rockclimbing with my grandparents.The next day I went to the spongebob 
Movie with my grandparents. If you are wandering why I am doing everything with my grandparents it is because I had a six nights at my grandparents house.I stayed at my grandparents house two nights and four nights at Russell with  my grandparents. At Russell we picked olives.The day after we picked the olives we went to town and got a ice cream .Then I went home and played a game of scrabble and I lost.When we came back to Auckland we went to my house  and had some banana muffins.A couple hours later we opened the presents from my mum and dad then we had dinner.I did all that with my sister. Then I went to bed. When I started with my grandparents my parents were in Australia.And that's the main thing I did in the holidays.

By Oliver.


In the holidays I went to Wellington the car ride took 5-6 hours to the place we stayed first. The first place we stayed was my mums friends place we stayed there for about half a day in total. Then we stayed at a hotel called rydges it was AWESOME  there was a pool and a spa and other awesome stuff. After that we stayed at my dads friends place for a night then in the morning I went to my aunties Place then the next morning we went on the most boring car trip in the universe that took 5-7 hours in total. We arrived on Friday night at about 7:45 PM. Out of all the places I went to I'd say my favourite is when I went to weta workshop, weta workshop is a place where they make props for movies and they look amazing! Another place I went to was a museum it was actually pretty good, it had fossils and other stuff. I like Wellington because it has lots of awesome things to do BUT there is one bad thing it is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY windy.

                                                                   By: Finch

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Beach Weekend

On  Friday after school instead of going home we went out of Ackland but before went out of Ackland we went to pick up our daddy.we went onto the motereway it took us one hour to get out of Ackland after 6 hours we were there.when we got into the carpark we went into our apartment room we dropped everything off.after that we went to a place that's called Ziziz and we had pizza. We went to the apartment and we went to sleep. At 7:30 am.I woke up. I watched tv for one hour I played on the iPad when my little sister woke up and came into  the living room.she got sad after breakfast she got a tern .after 3 or 4 hours. we went to the beach when we got there after1hour I got a surfing lesson.I got out of my wetsut and got into a long sleve wetsuit and a red rash shirt.then we when into the sea once and got some water in the wetsuit.only once I went like onto the beach. After we had a diging competition to find ping pong balls. I thought the surfing was great because it was my first time and I did really well.

MasterChef Kiedis

One of my favourite things to do is cooking. I like cooking so much because I like to impress people with my cooking skills. My specialty dish is spaghetti bolognese but normally I call it mince and pasta. In the photo im a chef for my mums friends. They said i look great then I started cooking. I wanted to impress my mums Friends when they ate my specialty dish. They thought It was delicious and Joyful and we danced. Then I played on my Mums Samsung phone. Then we Went Home and watched tv. I felt great because I cooked for people and they were impressed.

By Kiedis

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hugo's Party

On Saturday it was my brothers party and his name is Hugo.My brother invited three of his friends because there wasn't any room for four or more.My brother went to walk worth because it has lots of his favourite sports.They had mine golf, baseball, cricket and tennis.I wasn't aloud to go because there wasn't any room so I went to Stella's batch. When I was back they were having a BBQ and they were having some chicken, steak and sosagis so I had lots of the delishis food but the rubub crumble was succulent it was a really nice crunch and we got to have villina ice cream with it. Then we went on my brothers friends Xbox and we all decided to play Fifa 14 and we had lots of fun. Finally we opened the present and he got cricket wourld cup tickets and ten dollars.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Fun with Emma

On Sunday I went to Emma's house. We made liquid goo. First I got changed into Emma's old clothes because it makes your clothes really dirty. Second we got flour and poured red food colouring in it. Then mixed it all together. After that we put water in it then soap. We kept adding the ingredients and mixing it together. Finally we had nice pinkish liquid goo! After that we had fun over flowing the goo out of the container. Then we  poured the  goo out of the bucket. Jake Emma's brother had The idea to lie on The big mess. So we did! My mum penny and their mum Mands had to get the hose and wash the deck and then squirt us to! After that me and Emma had a shower then Jake. A while after that it was time to go home. So we did...

By Kate

Willow the kitten

Yesterday on March the 5 2015 I got a kitten named Willow. The first time I meet her she was petrified  she was really of scared of me but once she got to know me she wasn't as scared of me.  Today she waited at the door for me. We let her explore some parts of the house so she didn't get to over whelmed. She is very adorable when she plays we got her lots of toys for her. She doesn't really like loud noises if she does hear one she stops and go back to the cat carrier with her bed inside of it. I really love her because she is the first real pet I actually ever had I have only had fish for pets.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Story of Spagettioo

Once upon a time there was a ancient bowl of spaghetti. It had been there for millions  and millions of years. Then one day a scientist broke  into the temple  and stole the spaghetti. For some reason the spaghetti looked like it was brand new. He took it back to his lab were he ran tests on it. In the end he ATE it but then he turned into a spaghetti man. He was freaked out at first but then he realized that he could prank people it had been his life long dream to prank people. Next he said to him self I should change my last name so he changed  his name to Jo Spaghettioo. Then he went to his next door neighbors house and he jumped in to one of there fruit bowls. Then someone came along and picked up the bowl of spaghetti then as quick as FLASH he jumped out of the bowl and said hi my names Jo last name Spaghettioo. That someone screamed in horror and bit off Spaghettioo hands. Spaghettioo yellled "hay I PAiD FOR THAT". Next Spaghettioo went to a spaghetti store and said one bowl of spaghetti and give it to me now the store man said sorry boss you came to the cheapest place it will take a 100 years. Spaghetti said 'nooooooooooooooo' 100 years later 'nooooooooo' a sir your spaghetti read good im leving a sir i didnt get your name im spaghettioo.Spaghettioo went back to his pranking rampag house after mancon after pinyarta and he was the marster at pranking but then one day spegetyoo mete the people that roind his life. To be continyoud. Continyoud right now the next mancon he invadid were read for him they had set up trapes sharks lazer shark and many ather wepons of doom.When Spaghettioo arived he was shot at by lazers from every angill but nan of them could hit his slipary spaghetti body. Next it was the sharks and the lazer sharks lucky for Spaghettioo nan of the sharks liked spaghettioo. Then it was on to the people that were read Spaghettioo jumped at them with anormis speed no one moved the room was silint for 5 hole secons. There were 3 men in that room then one of them shouted "ITS SPAGHETTIOO!" Then a net droped on top of him we got him they shouted with jow and danced up and down and around and around the room. Then one of them piked up the phon and said hello we would like to have the po po came thank you. Spaghettioo was fritned know one had every got the po po on him he was way to slipery. The po po came and said it spaghttioo now we have to give you the 5000000$ rewored .Spaghettioo was sent to jaill and was put in a sall  that had a door and no bars the reson wy there were no bars was because he could slip throw them. But on suny day spaghettioos long lost brother spaghettidoo brock him out as they were runing out spaghettioo said wy did you abandin me because I needed to continyou my pranking rampag I needed to continyou my pranking rampag to tell me about it later lets go. Spaghettioo and spagettidoo had the po po on them all night long do you think the po po will be on as for mach longer I think they will be gone in the mornig. Next mornig the popo was still on them there still on as said spaghettiood ok well then we need a rid said spaghettioo. Next minet a big truk careing a house came past lucky for them the truk was going right were they wonted it to go lost vagis they sated in there for 6 years to be continued.....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hope and the talking tress

Once upon a time there was a little pricess named Hope. She lived with her mother and father and they wanted her to be perfect not normal perfect. She was very anoyed with this. So one day she wanted to go to the royal garden her parents said 1 minuite so she went to the beutiful royal garden and to her suprise she foud a door hidden behided a large group of vines. She opened the magical door and go in to a forest full of wide smiling trees and in the middle was a tall , wide beutiful oak tree. Hope smiled the tree smiled back then he whisped " come closer I don't bite ". So she came closer in amazement. She felt very safe here so she told the trees the problem. A wise tree said " Stand up for your self even if you are scared ". So she  go to her mother and father and say she did not want to be pushed around any more . Her parents accepted that she did't want to be perfect. Then they lived happily ever after.      Moral- Stand up for your self even if your scare.

By Elliot

sleep over

on the weekend i had a sleep over.

frist kingstin came over for dinner.

This was at my dads home. when she left and penny had aaaaaaa..........SLEEPOVER

we wached a movie and and a cartoon .We stayed up intil 10.3.

The next day we went to the mall me and penny got goo from smigle ;]

by Emma

Tuesday, February 17, 2015




Monday, February 9, 2015

A moment in time: Waitangi Day
I saw mouth watering biscuits.
I smelt the dry grass outside.
I herd the adults talking happily with joy.
I felt the soft dry grass.
I wondered what it would feel like to be grass.

By Manutaeao

First week of 2015

Welcome to the fabulous Rm 14 ruled over by the wonderful UALA! We are made up of excellent Yr 3 &4 learners. It has been a great experience this week learning new things. Some of the things we have enjoyed so far are.....

-playing dodgeball and sports
-making new friends
-creating and putting dye on our art work
-independent writing
-drawing pictures
-having desks
-starting our class treaty
-role plays

We invite you to come along to Rm 14 to see the things that we have done so far like our art. We are looking forward to all the new learning and fun we will have. Please come back and visit our BLOG!