Monday, March 16, 2015

Hugo's Party

On Saturday it was my brothers party and his name is Hugo.My brother invited three of his friends because there wasn't any room for four or more.My brother went to walk worth because it has lots of his favourite sports.They had mine golf, baseball, cricket and tennis.I wasn't aloud to go because there wasn't any room so I went to Stella's batch. When I was back they were having a BBQ and they were having some chicken, steak and sosagis so I had lots of the delishis food but the rubub crumble was succulent it was a really nice crunch and we got to have villina ice cream with it. Then we went on my brothers friends Xbox and we all decided to play Fifa 14 and we had lots of fun. Finally we opened the present and he got cricket wourld cup tickets and ten dollars.

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