Monday, March 9, 2015

Willow the kitten

Yesterday on March the 5 2015 I got a kitten named Willow. The first time I meet her she was petrified  she was really of scared of me but once she got to know me she wasn't as scared of me.  Today she waited at the door for me. We let her explore some parts of the house so she didn't get to over whelmed. She is very adorable when she plays we got her lots of toys for her. She doesn't really like loud noises if she does hear one she stops and go back to the cat carrier with her bed inside of it. I really love her because she is the first real pet I actually ever had I have only had fish for pets.


Riley said...

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!'🐱

Unknown said...

We love the account of Wiilow's arrival to the family.