Monday, March 9, 2015

Fun with Emma

On Sunday I went to Emma's house. We made liquid goo. First I got changed into Emma's old clothes because it makes your clothes really dirty. Second we got flour and poured red food colouring in it. Then mixed it all together. After that we put water in it then soap. We kept adding the ingredients and mixing it together. Finally we had nice pinkish liquid goo! After that we had fun over flowing the goo out of the container. Then we  poured the  goo out of the bucket. Jake Emma's brother had The idea to lie on The big mess. So we did! My mum penny and their mum Mands had to get the hose and wash the deck and then squirt us to! After that me and Emma had a shower then Jake. A while after that it was time to go home. So we did...

By Kate

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