Friday, March 20, 2015

The Beach Weekend

On  Friday after school instead of going home we went out of Ackland but before went out of Ackland we went to pick up our daddy.we went onto the motereway it took us one hour to get out of Ackland after 6 hours we were there.when we got into the carpark we went into our apartment room we dropped everything off.after that we went to a place that's called Ziziz and we had pizza. We went to the apartment and we went to sleep. At 7:30 am.I woke up. I watched tv for one hour I played on the iPad when my little sister woke up and came into  the living room.she got sad after breakfast she got a tern .after 3 or 4 hours. we went to the beach when we got there after1hour I got a surfing lesson.I got out of my wetsut and got into a long sleve wetsuit and a red rash shirt.then we when into the sea once and got some water in the wetsuit.only once I went like onto the beach. After we had a diging competition to find ping pong balls. I thought the surfing was great because it was my first time and I did really well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi room 14
That sounds like heps of fun you looked like a pro in that photo
But where did you go to
From Francis