Monday, November 24, 2008

Miss Burts Last Day - Friday 22 November 2008

On Friday it was Miss Burt's last day in our class. We had a big party for Miss Burt on the same day as our farewell for Baby Silvie. Sadly Silvie was sick and couldn't come. For the party we had to bring a plate of food for a shared lunch. We hung up balloons put on some music then the class went wild!  The food was delicous and yummy, most of it was healthy and the rest was not. 
We were all very sad Miss Burt was leaving because she was the one who set up this blog for us. But the good thing is that she is coming back next year to teach at our school and thats great for all of us. We wrote cards and Keaston and Alex.W said they would visit and put down her chairs... I hope they remember. Anyway I hope we still get to hear from Miss Burt through our blog! 

love from all of Room 16

 Written by Elle, Casey, Lucy, Loimata and Ariana.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thoughts towards next year


For next year, I will not talk to people at my desk or on the mat.  By that, I mean zipping my mouth shut, locking it and snapping the key and chucking it as far as I can.  I will also try and get better at my maths by practicing my basic facts more often.  In maths, my subjects I need to focus on are my times tables and division.
By Casey.

I will try to do more sports to get rid of my asthma so that I don't need my asthma inhaler.  I will do more spelling practice with easy and hard words like "empathy."  I will keep my manners great by not talking when the teacher talks.
By Savannah.

For me, a goal for Year 6 next year would be to try hard and participate in every task.  Also I would try to improve my maths and start practicing at home with my brothers or cousin.  My other goal is that I need to practice my spelling and to work harder on it and if I cant spell a word, I should try to spell it out. Finally, the tricky part.  I have to try not to be annoying to people at my table and try to get on with the task I am given to do.
By Misty.

Our Playground Experience

This morning Miss Burt announced room 16 would be going on the playground.  I was thinking, "what?!"  since it wasn't even lunch time, but then she told us we had to describe our playground experience.  I slid down some shiny silver bars, and this is what I came up with:

I could taste air gushing into my mouth.  Everything looked like a blur except for what was right in front of me.  I somehow smelled fresh seawater!  The sound in my ears reminded me of the soft whisper of the wind.  I felt the smoothness of the metal poles on my hands.  It felt like I was flying like a bird.        
By Lucy.

On the spinners I felt like a spinning top.  I heard nothing whizzing wind rushing past my face and into my ears.  The spinning top felt warm because it had been used a lot.  Suddenly, the spinning top stopped, but I will never stop spinning inside!   
By Tori.
This morning Room 16 went to the playground.  I chose the top of the monkey bars, and by top I mean TOP!  My mouth tasted dry.  I felt like a monkey swinging through the trees.  It felt exhilarating flinging myself down from the tree. 
By Freeman.

I could hear the wind wooshing past my head.  My mouth tasted dry like some small indians in my mouth had just burnt a germ to the stake. My hands felt sore from the cold steel bars. I thought I was going to crash. I like the flying fox. 
By Henderikus.

As I swing around on the helicopter blades I feel like a monkey in a tree.  I can smell kids sweat on the bars.  I hear kids running and screaming like mad.  I think if I stayed swinging for too long, I would be sick.  The blades felt cold like iced tea.  I felt very happy like a bird after it had eaten a worm.
By Tim.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Athletics Highs, Lows and Interestings

High: Was  getting a good place, by that I  mean coming 4th in my race.
Low: Was being beaten by a year 4.
Interesting: Was the sun shining down on me.
By Tim

High: I came 7th in ten year old race.
Low: It was so hot.
Interesting: The teachers, parents and kids had a race.
By Vera   

High: I liked chilling out a lot while watching the other races.
Low: I almost choked while I was racing. 
Interesting: It didn't take long to get there (well not as long as we usually take).
By Alex V

High: I enjoyed running and watching all the other kids have their race.
Low: Sitting in the hot hot sun.
Interesting: When the parents and teachers had a race with the year 6 children.
By Pepe Marie

High: Coming second in the semi finals and seeing my cousin's face!
Low: Walking all the way to the toilet and realising I forgot my bag, so I had to walk back.
Interesting: We had tabloids for the first time at Athletics Day.
By Alex W

Athletics Day - Recount Writing

On Friday 14th November, we went to Grey Lynn Park to do Athletics. First we did tabloids. We get points for each activity. Next it was moning tea so we ate our food.

Then year 5 and 6 did a sprint. It was 800 meters. We did the race together. Miss Sepora called out, "on your mark, get set, go!" I came 13th in the sprint. Finally we walked back to the grass to watch the others race. I was cheering for my friends. Itwas really loud.

After that the teachers, Year 6 children and parents had races. The teachers came last, the children came first and the parents came second.

At the end of the day, the whole school walked back to school. I was hot and sweaty, tired, sleepy and thirsty, but it was a fun day.
By Tatsuki

The Film Festival Review

My favourite part of the film festival was... 
  • Seeing ourselves on the big screen in Tamaki intermediates movie. I liked seeing myself doing the sasa. I thought the music in the movie was cool too.      Oscar S
  • Watching Api's Hippo, the movie by Room 5, because it was cute and funny.  I thought that they did an awesome job!    Loimata
  • Seeing the claymation movie from Panmure Bridge.  I liked the fighting and the fake blood and the action looked very real.     Keaston.
  • Watching the film that was about kids eating healthy food.  I liked it because it had dancing in it and because its about healthy eating so we don't get fat. Casey
  • I really liked the clay guys because of the good puns in the movie!     Freeman
  • I really liked Apis Hippo . They made a great film because they had really good acting, I liked it when the pretended to laugh at Api.     Ariana
  • Seeing the claymation movie and hearing all the great puns, because they made me laugh.  I liked how they made the characters out of clay, and when they died they had pink clay coming out of them!  Overall, I definitely liked the clay movie the best. Jericho
  • Watching the Beowolf and the "My favourite places" movies. I liked the Beowolf one because it was was funny and it made me laugh.  I liked the reporter one because I thought the little reports were really cute and I wish I could have been in all their favourite places at once!            Murdoch
  • Watching how to eat healthy and seeing the film where the kids dance to there healthy  song.    Samera 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Manaiakalani Film Festival Predictions

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On Thursday I hope I do well in the mathathon, and by that I mean getting all the questions right.  When we go to the film festival I think there will be between 500-600 children. I think it will be quite a big building because it needs to hold so many children. I think I will see a big movie screen and a projector, and I will definitely hear the cheeky chatter of children, but I still can't predict the smell of the place, though I'm sure it will be hot and stuffy. On the screen I'm sure we will see Mister Webb's flick, and I'm also looking forward to watching the other schools films too.

By Murdoch.

On Thursday we will be going to Manaiakalani Film Festival. I think there will be about 500 children there. The size of the hall will be about maybe 3 times the size of our classroom. I think I will see lots of kids, teachers and a few short films of course. I might hear a lot of kids
talking and teachers telling them to shhhh because of the films going. It will be very exciting!

By Elle

On Thursday when we go to the Manaiakalani Film Festival, I think that there will be heaps of other kids.  I don't think I will know any of them though.  I might see us on a big screen in a movie.  I hope that it is playing inside, so that it feels like the movies.  I think it will feel hot and stuffy there.  I might hear a lot of chatting kids watching the movies and on the big screen I might see other schools that I don't really know doing interesting things.  It will probably smell like sweaty kids because of how many people will be there to watch.  I am looking forward to Thursday.

By Samera

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Bean: changes over time

When I first got my bean, it was black and red and looked like a jellybean.  Now it is green, and it has leaves which have grown as big as my hand.  I used to have my bean in a clear plastic cup with paper towels, but now my bean is in the school garden growing in the soil.  It's roots are growing lots there because it has more space to grow.  Over time, my bean has changed and it has been good to watch it happen.  

By Keaston.

In the beginning my bean was smooth it had no roots and no sprouts. It used to be in paper towels. It was in a plastic cup and it still is. It is also still brown with black speckles.
Now my bean has cracked and it has long roots and three sprouts. Instead of paper towels it is planted in dirt to give nutrients to the bean through the roots.  My bean changed by growing sprouts and really long roots where before there was nothing.

By Freeman.

Beans and Venn Diagrams

In the beginning my bean seed had a shell around it and it was in a clear plastic cup. The sprot has always been there, inside the bean seed. Now it has sprouted and it has been planted in the garden

By Joe.

When we first planted our beans they were nowhere near as impressive as they are now. They used to be simple speckled ovals, now they have long roots and big leafs. My bean's musty smell is still there. I can't wait 'till we get to eat our beans!

By Lucy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Casey the Kid Pix Queen and her bean!

DAY 16 and the bean is growing straight and tall like a giraffe with a long neck. The leaves are tongues, like slobbery  black licorice - wet and smooth. That makes my bean nice and   healthy 

By Casey

Day 16 - Using my five senses

My bean,
He smells like the kind of green salad my mum makes. He smells fresh and moist like plants in the bush wavering, swaying. He smells like nature itself! He looks a lot like a tree growing tall and strong. The two leaves look like thousands of tiny leaves swaying in the wind. His long sprout looks like the tree's tall trunk boosting the leaves up higher and higher as the sky gets farther and farther away from the tiny tree. Oh my! He feels so different! He feels rough and scaly like a dragons scale which has scraped against tough hard rocks many times. Wow! he tastes like the wind and the rain mixed together in a giant mixing bowl ready to be whisked up and consumed by the stars.''Pheet phew!'' He sounds like the rain falling onto  leaves in the bush rustling them. Wow!
                           By Alex .V.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Next Bean Step: Adding Soil

On Friday, Miss Burt took little groups of kids down to where the soil is kept.  The first thing you had to do was you had to take out the paper towels in your cup and throw them in the paper bin.  When we had done that, we had to take our bean out of our cup and hold it in our hand while we scooped some soil into our cup.  We filled it up halfway.  When we had finished we had to make sure we put our bean in the right way up with the roots going down and the shoot coming up.  We covered our bean with more dirt so that our cups were full.  Finally we, went back to class.  It was lots of fun.

By Vanni.

Term Three - Aki's Tale

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Talofa blog buddies. Here is a snipet from Term Three. It was a busy term full of dancing, singing and lots of shouting from teachers, but it was worth it. We had a great time with our production and our families and friends loved the show.  A big thanks to Mrs Fale who wrote and produced our production.  A big thanks to all the teachers and staff members at Grey Lynn for all the hard work and extra love and sweat. You rock and so do we! 

P.S Miss Meleisea has just learned to add a bubble share on our blog, Miss Burt will be pleased with her.

By Room 16

Day 15: Our Beans Are Growing Huge!

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My bean is 13 cm long.  It looks like a snake standing up ready to strike and it smells musty like damp clothes that you forgot to hang up on the clothesline. The soil is mushy and soggy like a wet  soccer field. The stem is hairy like a gorilla's arms.  I listened to my bean, but I didn't hear anything.  It must grow really quietly.  When I watch my bean growing, I feel happy because I know it is healthy.

By Alex W.

My bean is tall.  It has two leaves growing.  It has roots coming out under the ground.  My cup has soil, dirt and water in it with the bean.  The plant is green just like a tree.  There are little lines on the leaves.  My shoot is standing up straight.  The soil is black like my hair.
I think my plant could turn different colours.  It will grow more leaves.

By Waina