Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Athletics Highs, Lows and Interestings

High: Was  getting a good place, by that I  mean coming 4th in my race.
Low: Was being beaten by a year 4.
Interesting: Was the sun shining down on me.
By Tim

High: I came 7th in ten year old race.
Low: It was so hot.
Interesting: The teachers, parents and kids had a race.
By Vera   

High: I liked chilling out a lot while watching the other races.
Low: I almost choked while I was racing. 
Interesting: It didn't take long to get there (well not as long as we usually take).
By Alex V

High: I enjoyed running and watching all the other kids have their race.
Low: Sitting in the hot hot sun.
Interesting: When the parents and teachers had a race with the year 6 children.
By Pepe Marie

High: Coming second in the semi finals and seeing my cousin's face!
Low: Walking all the way to the toilet and realising I forgot my bag, so I had to walk back.
Interesting: We had tabloids for the first time at Athletics Day.
By Alex W


Unknown said...

So who won the race? Parents, kids or teachers? I bet the kids did :)
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

To tim vera alex.v and pepe
I agree it was really really hot!tim it's quit funny hearing you were beaten by a year 4. good job vera on coming 7th. Alex its interesting how you said that it dident take very long to get down to Grey Lynn park i never notise.
Pepe I also enjoyed running and waching everyone else run. Just one
question what place did you come in your race?

From Elle

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,Vera,Alex.v.and Pepe
Great work on your highs and lows.
I liked the way you described the place you came.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!
You all have different highs and lows. I think i t was cool watching the other races too. Tim, it's funny how you got beaten by a year 4! And I liked watching the kids and adults relay too.

By the way your writing is very good (all of you!)


P.S: vera did you come 7th in the 800 meters or the 100 meters?

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

Hi Guys

Tim, it was interesting to read how you got beaten by a year 4! My low for athletics day was I did not get to race. Vera, I like how you told us that you came 7th in your race. My high for the athletics was watching other kids race in the hot sun.

From Andre

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...
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Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

Hey Vera you did a good job at athletics i can't belive you came 7th
anyways you did awsome.
from pepe marie

Anonymous said...

To Tim ,Alex.v andPepe. Vera here.
Tim its very funny that you got beaten by a year 4,I agree that it was very hot!!.Alex.v it's very interesting that we got down that quick. pepe I have one question to ask you? what did you come in your race?.