Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 15: Our Beans Are Growing Huge!

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My bean is 13 cm long.  It looks like a snake standing up ready to strike and it smells musty like damp clothes that you forgot to hang up on the clothesline. The soil is mushy and soggy like a wet  soccer field. The stem is hairy like a gorilla's arms.  I listened to my bean, but I didn't hear anything.  It must grow really quietly.  When I watch my bean growing, I feel happy because I know it is healthy.

By Alex W.

My bean is tall.  It has two leaves growing.  It has roots coming out under the ground.  My cup has soil, dirt and water in it with the bean.  The plant is green just like a tree.  There are little lines on the leaves.  My shoot is standing up straight.  The soil is black like my hair.
I think my plant could turn different colours.  It will grow more leaves.

By Waina


Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,Waina

I like the measureing you guys did,
and the words you used to describe what its like.

see ya tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,

I really enjoyed reading your descriptive writing on your bean!!!
your describing words really made me
feel like i was looking at it!!!

from Sofia (your sister!)

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

Great writing Alex.w and Waina!
I like it how you said and described how your bean was growing.