Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Playground Experience

This morning Miss Burt announced room 16 would be going on the playground.  I was thinking, "what?!"  since it wasn't even lunch time, but then she told us we had to describe our playground experience.  I slid down some shiny silver bars, and this is what I came up with:

I could taste air gushing into my mouth.  Everything looked like a blur except for what was right in front of me.  I somehow smelled fresh seawater!  The sound in my ears reminded me of the soft whisper of the wind.  I felt the smoothness of the metal poles on my hands.  It felt like I was flying like a bird.        
By Lucy.

On the spinners I felt like a spinning top.  I heard nothing whizzing wind rushing past my face and into my ears.  The spinning top felt warm because it had been used a lot.  Suddenly, the spinning top stopped, but I will never stop spinning inside!   
By Tori.
This morning Room 16 went to the playground.  I chose the top of the monkey bars, and by top I mean TOP!  My mouth tasted dry.  I felt like a monkey swinging through the trees.  It felt exhilarating flinging myself down from the tree. 
By Freeman.

I could hear the wind wooshing past my head.  My mouth tasted dry like some small indians in my mouth had just burnt a germ to the stake. My hands felt sore from the cold steel bars. I thought I was going to crash. I like the flying fox. 
By Henderikus.

As I swing around on the helicopter blades I feel like a monkey in a tree.  I can smell kids sweat on the bars.  I hear kids running and screaming like mad.  I think if I stayed swinging for too long, I would be sick.  The blades felt cold like iced tea.  I felt very happy like a bird after it had eaten a worm.
By Tim.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
your writing is very, very, very, descriptive. I like how you described things using your 5 senses. My favorite description of yours is the one about how everything
looked like a blur to you. I also quite like your little introduction up the top.

From your friend


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Lucy !

I like your writing ! It sounds so sincere ! Miss Burt is a clever teacher. She knows that you can write well from experience !

Mrs. She

Anonymous said...

nice work freeman i like how you described every thing.

Anonymous said...

To freeman

Good descriptive and do you feel like a monkey in the trees.From Tim.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucy,Tori,Hendi and Tim
You guys wrote a really catchy playground expeirience,bydescribing what it felt like,smelt like and sounded like.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody I loooooooooove your dicriptive writing, and i can'nt wait for more. I can emagine myself in each and everyone of you private wordls. Keep it up.