Monday, November 3, 2008

Term Three - Aki's Tale

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Talofa blog buddies. Here is a snipet from Term Three. It was a busy term full of dancing, singing and lots of shouting from teachers, but it was worth it. We had a great time with our production and our families and friends loved the show.  A big thanks to Mrs Fale who wrote and produced our production.  A big thanks to all the teachers and staff members at Grey Lynn for all the hard work and extra love and sweat. You rock and so do we! 

P.S Miss Meleisea has just learned to add a bubble share on our blog, Miss Burt will be pleased with her.

By Room 16


Shelley said...

Hey Room 16 (actually the whole school and the teachers and all the other adults that made it happen),
Did I ever tell you how professional Aki's Tale was to watch? It was superb - I couldn't believe all the multimedia components and the wonderful stage work and the beautiful costumes and - of course - the able and committed talent on stage.

You were all stars - onstage and outback - and we will enjoy watching our own copy of the show for many years.

Anonymous said...

The production was AWESOME.Thanks to every body.We definitely couldn't have done it with out you.

Anonymous said...

The production was awesome, wasn't it. I definitely enjoyed myself being a worrier and dancing on stage. From Samera

Anonymous said...

Hi guys murdoch and vera here.
We were looking through the blog when we spied the akis tale thing and we rememberd the production, and how fun it was. I think that the best part of it was rehersing all my lines and having fun saying them (murdoch), and I think that the best part for me was doing the shake your head move (Vera).

p.s We will both try to blog at home and at school in murdochs case.