Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 16 - Using my five senses

My bean,
He smells like the kind of green salad my mum makes. He smells fresh and moist like plants in the bush wavering, swaying. He smells like nature itself! He looks a lot like a tree growing tall and strong. The two leaves look like thousands of tiny leaves swaying in the wind. His long sprout looks like the tree's tall trunk boosting the leaves up higher and higher as the sky gets farther and farther away from the tiny tree. Oh my! He feels so different! He feels rough and scaly like a dragons scale which has scraped against tough hard rocks many times. Wow! he tastes like the wind and the rain mixed together in a giant mixing bowl ready to be whisked up and consumed by the stars.''Pheet phew!'' He sounds like the rain falling onto  leaves in the bush rustling them. Wow!
                           By Alex .V.


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi there Alex, We like your story about the Five senses.We're friends of your teacher Ms Meleisia,could you say Hello to her from us please,Mata and Jenny.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex

Great describing your bean.
I like your words you used to describe it.
I think you have done a very good job.


Anonymous said...

To Alex great discriping using your five senses it really discribes how your bean is looking,
smelling, feeling, tasting, and also sounding.

From Elle

Anonymous said...

Thanks Casey, Elle and little voices,little scholars for the positive feedback on my post.It took quite a while because of checking if it made any sense, changing it, checking the spelling and of course publishing it!!!

from Alex.V.

Anonymous said...

Alex, I'm really impressed with your story, especially the poetic language. I got a wonderful sense of the bean from your words.


Anonymous said...

To Alex

I like the descriptive words that you used in your writing.

From Alex W