Thursday, June 24, 2010


In the fascinating question.. “How Did We Do It?”

Step One: We sketched a realistic face, with a mirror to help us draw. We then did a abstract face, with stuff that represented you

Step Two: We got a large brown piece of paper, and a piece of chalk. We chalked our Shoulders, Neck, Head and Face. Our face was Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Nose, Hair.

Step Three: We tested paints. Like Blue and Yellow to make Green. Or Blue and Red to make Purple

Step Four: We got our skin colour and painted everything on our face, except our eye. We also did our Necks the same colour.

Step Five: We painted an outline of our nose, on the realistic side. We Coloured it in. We then got our skin colour again and added a microscopic amount of red, to make our lip colour. We Then got our skin colour (Again) And put little more than microscopic black paint to make the paint for under our necks, where the neck meets the chin.

Step Six: We Painted our eye white, and did half our hair. Once we had let the eye dry we did our eye colour and the pupil.

Step Seven: We did our shirts a colour such as Blue, Red, Green and other colours. We let them dry and started our borders.

Step Eight: We folded a black piece of paper into 8 small black squares, and got a thin piece of cardboard, and dipped it in white paint to do patterns on the squares. We chose the one we liked best and did...

Step Nine: Borders. Except we got to do it on a bigger piece of paper, and in our favourite colour. There was Green, Orange, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple and others,

Step Ten: We chalked over our eyes,hair,nose and mouth to make our abstract. You didn’t have to have everything aspect of our face. Then we coloured it with pastel, which got your fingers amazingly dirty. Surprise, Surprise.

Step Eleven: We finished, and cut it out. We PVA glued it onto our borders. Then we left them to dry.

Step Twelve: The finished version: A Cut out Half realistic, half abstract face. And a Amazing border.

Written by Raiden

Edited by Room16