Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

In Room14 we are learning about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle our waste. We had a look at what kind of waste we had in our bin and what we found was astonishing.
We sorted out our waste into paper, plastic, food and other waste. From the photo above you can see how much waste we were not RECYCLING! So we grabbed our 'Terracycle' bin and Paper bin and this is what it looked like.
After that we remembered that we had a worm farm at school so we further REDUCED our waste till it finally looked like this.
If this is what we can do with one days worth of rubbish we wonder what we can ALL do around the school and at home over a week, a  month or even a whole year. Imagine the waste we can save. Next we  will be looking at how we can REUSE some of our waste.

By Room 14

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Term 3 week 7

This  week we have been doing Production Practice.The production is next week.Pohutakawa's theme is Survival.Each Pohutakawa class is presenting a god.Their names are Tu,  Tane, Tawhirimatea, Tangaroa, Haumia and Rongo.The production is at Auckland Girls Grammar School.Also for our production we have done pictures of gods to be displayed on the production projector.

Today we went to Auckland Girls Grammar to do a practice of what we will be doing on the night of the production it was very stunning all of the teams peformances were awesome!For our performances we will be wearing black or white T -Shirts and black shorts on the night.Room 7 are doing the jungle dance there are snakes,monkeys,giraffes,rhinos,zebras and lion.Room 8 are doing the Tango.

Also this week we are learning to write an informational report about an animal that we choose.In our Informational Report we have been researching on the ipads about our animals. Some people have chosen orcas, shark,rabbits,eagles,dogs,cats and cheetahs.

We have also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes on Geometry.
On our Geometry we got a sheet about 
2D and 3D shapes on the sheet it said to draw a picture using a list of shapes writE down for us.
For our Geometry we were doing a task we had to pick a shape and make a puzzle out of it we had to write some guesses for the people that read it.

now we have some JOOOOOOKES!
koock koock who's there mountain mountain who Mountain Dew.
What do you call a deer with? no eye deer
What did the monster say when the dentist finished filling her teeth? Fangs a lot.
What is a monsters favourite TV show? spongebob scarepants.
Pablo & Raneel

Friday, September 12, 2014

Term 3 week 6

Last week it was production practice at Auckland Girls Grammar School . It was fun. We went on a bus.
Our god is Tu. He is God of man and war and he is red . We  did paintings of the gods. We are going to use our paintings in the production. There are 7 gods in the book.The book is called IN THE BEGINNING. It is a good book.


This is a picture of us holding the paintings we did.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Term 3 Week 5

This term we are having the production. In  the production we are going to be Maori people.We have been practising our dance and walking on and off the stage. Our dance groups are in numbers to 5. When we do the production we are going to go to Auckland Girls Grammar School.We have been doing Maori art to be at the back of the stage.They are of  Tu from the legend about In the Beginning. The girls are going to wear puipuis and a Maori necklace.  Our class has been chosen to have a girl as the guard of our taonga for the Taniwha.      

This is a picture of us and the chalk lizards that we drew on the Upper Quad concrete for Art. 

Lola and Isabelle

Friday, August 29, 2014

Term 3 week 4

On week 4 we got a big suprise we had a Commonwealth person for the whole week! These are the people: Raneel, Pablo and Jake. We also got to finish our  published writing. Some people got to write them on the computer. 
It was a wonderful week!! Everyone was very very happy.Also, we had art class with Margaret.

Jokes. Knock knock    who's there ?   Boo   Boo who  Stop crying. 
What do you call a nut that goes to the toilet    A peanut.

by Jake and lockyer

Friday, August 15, 2014

Term 3 Week 3

Last week  in art class we finished our korus, some of us drew lizards. 

We also made a new publishing book. The stories that we publish are from our Own Choice writing.  These are some of the  people that have published: Rita, Pablo, Raneel, Ryder, Zephyr and Sasha. All of these people have published in the book. We know that is quite alot of people. Some of the stories are about.......        Goldilocks , The Chair of DOOM dadaaaaaaaa that was funnnnn... also Captain Under Pants, The Fire King, Diary of the God of Super- Ugliness, that sounds goooood.  Pompom and Tomtom and last but not least Raneel's delicious cookie recipe .

Now time for some JOKES !

What is 1+1=                                                         window

What do you call a nut that goes toilet                             a pee nate

What is a bubble's  favourite type of music                                 pop

by Rita and Emma

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tearm 3 week 2

This week on Monday and the week before on Friday Uala was our teacher. Uala was our teacher because Caroline was away in Australia for a family celebration. When Caroline told us we were so excited we couldn 't wait. When Uala was teaching us we had a lot of fun but we missed Caroline. We played lots of games like splat, hoopla and maths splat. Uala read us 2 books that he reads to George his son and he is a baby. Uala brought Cheeko in the class room and some people got to hold him, and Uala told us that Cheeko was 3 years old. Uala is a very fun and really cool teacher to have. We were so happy and excited that Uala came back. That was probably one of the best surpises we could ever have. 

Maia and Alyah

Friday, August 8, 2014

term 3 week 1

Last week we went to Art class with Margret at school. It was really FUN!!!!!!!! She taught us to cut straight and just move the paper. Also we were really.... EXCITED about our first art lesson during school time!!!!!! Because Sam was the Star Person he got a toy, it was a green lantern pod. Last Term  our classroom projector got stolen by a robber, plus he smashed the window AND the projector is STILL gone ) - : that's a sad face.

                                               Now here are some jokes to
                                                     end the writing
R's for riddles
                                               Q:What's long and sticky?
                                               Q:What's a whales favourite game?
                                               Q:What do you have for lunch and dinner but not breakfast?


1.a stick
                                                   2.swallow the leader   
                                                   3.lunch and dinner

                                                  BY:Finch And Sam                         

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Term 2 Week 6

Maths Snakes

The night before school a storm hapened. When we got to school all these branches and small trees had fallen over. 

At school in maths we have made maths snakes. They are cool school math snakes. They have thousands, hundreds, tens and one.We use them for maths. We made them out of egg cartons and most of us painted them. But some of us coloured them in. We take them to the mat so Caroline can teach us about numbers so we can learn.The maths snakes help us lots in maths. Langdon makes a bed for her snake every night but Siena does not do that.  But Langdon think's  it is  a awesome  idea.

By Langdon and Siena

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Arbour week

Last week was it Arbour week. We planted two saplings. We have been learning about 500 years ago.We drew an island it was huge there was lots of water and sea animals.

        WHAT  DO  YOU  GET   WHEN  YOU  CROSS A  VAMPIER   WITH  A  SNOWMAN             frost  bite

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Term 2 week 4

This week Caroline put a cape on and pretended to be a Maori person from a long time ago . We asked her some questions. We asked her lots of quetions and some times she didnit know things. We also
talked about some solutions. When she took off the cape she was back to normal.

Raylene and Manutaeao

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

term two week three (last week)

Last week we had cross country.It was also travel wise week. Travel wise week was all about laying off the car because the car is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to slow.And now we will tell you about our GIANT cross country.It was veeeeeeeeeeeeery tiring and challenging(it's not about winning it's about being better than before).

In class we have been learning Caroline's way of doing work ( we were hoping she would let us run away from school and go to KFC but sadly, no).We gotta tell ya that theres NO Dream works heroes books or cards in class due to distraction. We also have learnt new things like what type of life that was here 500 years ago.


what do you get if you cross a pan with a crazy person?

what does this word mean?tuvdfsuyszxfces6gre7dfeushres7grdiesygfdefgeixytg7esiygriytr3y4a38wefgahwp98gsfhsgdfhgdfehgfehgfdhwgdfhgdfhwegdfhegdfhwegdfhwegdfhwegfdwhge


mfr5 caged bfgjsyzdijxfnuxduifdhgiud

jackknife lkcmglicd

Anton The master and Zephyr the master 

 pandimonium   window   no one knows.RUBBISH
Novgorod dnfgndxybfgt bib bigdgfdgfdgfd gfddgdgdgfdjd sgsuehasuydgesztf

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wacky week2 by Missy and Sasha

This week it was Wacky Walking Wednesday. It was so wacky!

But ....        GAIL DUN DUN DUN was the  wackiest out of the whole school! Gail is super wacky!  she's awesome though.We had a big parade for wacky walking Wednesday. Pablo and Missy won the wackiest costumes! Missy was a clown and Pablo was a soldier! Missy had clown rainbow hair and Pablo had a fluffy bear coat .

 We did Mother's day our mums loved them.


Why did the possum cross the road? To see his flat mate!

Knock knock? who's there ? boo. boo who? don't cry it's just a joke !
Why didn't the skeleton go to the ball? because he had no body to go with!

Knock knock? who's there? interrupting cow.  interrupting moo!


Uala has left and we all miss him! But we enjoy Uala visiting with George because he's so cute!

By Sasha and Missy

Friday, May 16, 2014

Term 2 week 1

This Term week 1 we met a new teacher named Caroline Wilson. She is sort of a pirate because she has been sailing. Caroline has a system of a person that is helper for the day.She is a really nice teacher.She has a song station on her computer called kiwi kid songs so we can sing a song to listen to at the start of the day.She also looks out for people who are being good so she calls them champion people. Caroline showed us a game called Shibang Shibang where there is 5 actions and if you do the same as the leader you are out.We have been doing lots of fun stuff in term 2 together.Caroline also showed a work sheet called Six hat thinking where we write stuff down about our holiday.We were excited about  meeting a new teacher.She has been teaching us very challenging things but some things were easy.And again she is a really really really nice teacher. We like her being our teacher in room 14.

And heres some jokes to .... pick up the pace...
Whats red and squishy and weights ten tons? An inside out monster.
What do you call non toxic gas? Gas
What do you call a undersea wedding? A wet Bride and Groom.
What do you call a piogen with no legs? a pigeon with no legs.

By Pablo and Raneel

Thursday, April 17, 2014


on satday me and my dad went to my tag tournament. when i got  ther i lined up with my team  and i wached the teams wallk by then it was time to play tag. my team was first we got seperatid in two teams. one was blue and team two is white we won the game. then when we got ther we had snacks and drinks afta that we wachat the tag game. then it was our turn to play. then we won the game agen when we were at the tent i had a loly and so as my team after i playd on a tree then it was time to play tag. some pepol were out plus even me then it was my turn and we won agen we one lots of games. But the next game we lost to tonga. we came seconed.  I felt a little bit excited because we a medal.

By Lockyer


Friday, April 4, 2014

Cheeko's New House

On the weekend me and my sister and my mum we made a house for Cheeko. We made it out of cardboard, sellotape and pen and pencil. We drew the windows because mum said it might be too hard to cut them out. We made a big mess all over my room but it was fun. Then we had to tidy it all up, the bin in my bedroom and the one outside. My mum cut a hole for the door. Cheeko likes it because he has been sleeping in it and playing in it and eating in it.

By Isla

Can you see Cheeko?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

my travel book

My god dad got me this cool book. It has all the countrys in it. it is sooooooo cool. when I got it I was at a restrant called Mexico. it was fun we got kaiseds and my god brother got a taco.I like mexico but i like the book more than mexico. My favourite part is scotland because it talks about horses and I love horses. heres what it looks like.

By Ryder

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Favourite Book

Yesterday I shared my favourite book. It was called lukes way of looking by Nadia Wheatley and Matt Ottley. My mum gave it to me when i was four. Its all about art  and about a boy that enters a whole new world. His name was luke the page that i like is when luke gos to an art gallery. And how he got there is on a bus and when he got in the art gallery and guess what he saw. He saw awesome paintings.

By Anton


My Trophy

On Saturday it was my flipperball game. we were versing the best team. we lost by 2 points
we had 1 pont. Ryder got the only goal. I WAS THE PLAYAR OF  THED DAY I GOT 3


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


My kitten loves chasing pois. He loves chasing them so much that he attacs them and goes completly crazy. ( just in case you didn "t know my favorite animal is a kitten) if you were there he would proberbly attck you too.  His name is Cozmo and he is a rushin blue. 

By Jasmin

Maia the Huski

Maia is a Siberian husky. We look after her everyday. She really lives up the road but we just love to look after  her. Maia belongs to me and Sasha's piano teacher. She has two different colour eye borwen and of the things I like about Maia is that she howls. This week  Maia is staying over. Here are some photos and her singing.

By Rita

Friday, February 28, 2014

My Cat

I have an  awesome cat his name is huggy-bear.   His favorite toy is a pink rino it squeaks and a little possum he stoll from me. We had to travel to the mountains to get huggy-bear.  It took twenty-two hours  to get there and back. That was very far away but he was so worth it. He is a ragdoll type of cat.   He is a kitten. I am responsible for him and he is heaps of FUN.
this is his rino toy
this is a ragdoll cat like him
(I got this picture from

By Sam

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Exploring Our Environment

In Room 14 we are learning to use materials and fibres from our environment to create or design a piece of art. Last Friday we practiced making art out of natures materials like sticks, leafs, bark, flax, rocks, flowers and other things we could find that were already on the ground. We got into pairs and were given two minutes to collect what we wanted. After we got what we wanted we created a piece of art. When we were done Uala took a photo of our creation. We needed to make sure that we put back everything where we got it from.

Here is what we created....

Watch this space for more.....
By Room 14

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mummy's consert

Not last weekend but the one before that I went to my Mummy's consert. I thoght it was wonderful. She's in SJD ( full band ) it's AWESOME!  I love it!  Mummy played one of my favourite song's  but can't remember it's name. for our actual breakfast we went to a juies shop and got smothies. they were
YUMMY!  A little bit later we had some lunch i had coca cola an apple and 2 choclate musli bars. later on i saw Joeseh and Maia they were wonderful toether. Next i wached my mummy play as i told you it was wonderful. There band used to be called the bell bird's. I felt amazed . 

By Sasha

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My boogey boarding hoilday

On the holidays I went to Lang's Beach we did some boogey boarding and I hurt my back after that we had a ice cream from ms zippy [thay tasted good] After that we went and built a dam and then we broke it and we boogey boarded down it. After we went home and we had a shower and then we had a play and I hurt my hand it got pokd by a pin and we had to take it out it realy hurt when we took it out but after I got a chocolate. I felt happy because I like it at the beach and the boogey boarding was fun.

This is me being pulled along a stream 
that we built by my Dad.

By Lola

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Story of My Tooth

In the holidays, I had my tooth taken out. I went to the dentist and she said I could have it extracted (that means taken out) or have a root canal (that means hours and hours of work on my tooth). I had it taken out. I had to wait a  while. Then, finally it was my turn. I  went into a different room with lots of people. I had to suck in air and gas that was coming in through a mask then blow out to try and pop a balloon. Soon I was fast asleep. When I woke up I was in a room called the recovery room. I got an ice block and then mum came in. Then I moved to a different room with a t.v in it. Then someone who called herself "the tooth  fairy" and gave me my tooth. And here is my tooth and gap. THE END :-)

By Zephyr

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The First Day in Room 14

On Monday 3 February it was the beginning of Grey Lynn Schools learning year. We started in our new class which is Room 14. Our new teacher in Room 14 is Uala. We are in a Year 3 class which has 6 and 7 year olds.

Things that we enjoyed doing on the first day were:
-Doing our name art
-Meeting and getting to pat the class pet 'Cheeko the Rat'
-Finding and using our new desks
-Learning and playing the game 'Directions'
-Meeting our new teacher and class mates
-Writing about the holidays
and exploring our new classroom

It was a fun and exciting day because we started our year of LEARNING!

By Room 14