Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Exploring Our Environment

In Room 14 we are learning to use materials and fibres from our environment to create or design a piece of art. Last Friday we practiced making art out of natures materials like sticks, leafs, bark, flax, rocks, flowers and other things we could find that were already on the ground. We got into pairs and were given two minutes to collect what we wanted. After we got what we wanted we created a piece of art. When we were done Uala took a photo of our creation. We needed to make sure that we put back everything where we got it from.

Here is what we created....

Watch this space for more.....
By Room 14


Unknown said...

Hi Room 14,

We really enjoyed your nature art video. The things that you create with sticks and leaves were fabulous. How long did it take for you to create that art work.

The Chasing Cheetahs (Room 12)

Jasmin said...

to room 14 I had LOTS OF FUN!!! I love art so we are lucky that Uala chose to do art.

from Jasmin

Jake Patterson said...

Everybody's looked cool. It was fun doing the art work. I hope we can do it again. Jake

Sasha said...

room 14 this class is amazing! Especially with cheeko and Uala.
The most astonishing thing i have
Experienced here is how to say the number houses! (reeeeeaaaaaly
hard numbers.) Natrule art is the best out of of all the art Ive ever done yet!