Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Anas life of unicycle

I have been doing unicycle for one hole year. Unicycle is totally not simple or a easy thing. It has one wheel two peddles but there are no handles so it's not easy to balance at all so I recommend that you have a spotter, a wall or something to hold on that's stable if it's your first time because if you don't you would fall of straightaway and probably hurt yourself but not to badly. On the unicycle i can do a 360, go back and forwards, almost jump and I can just about do a free mount. If you don't know what free mounting is its going on a unicycle with no help at all. It took two weeks for me to do more then a metre and now I can do all of Victoria park were I learnt. My dads a boss of the circus and also one in Dargival/ Baylis beach and the one that I like most is one in Germany called Fantasia .

Untitled from Room 13 GLS on Vimeo.