Friday, September 27, 2013


I uusally wake up at 6:30 but I stay in bed for the next 20mins then I get up at 6:50 get dressed make my bed get my shoes on and go to the kitchin for breakfast this wednesday morning I had weet-bix soked in boiling water with suger on top then I  go brush my teeth, wash my face and brush my hair then play until 8:30 when the school opens and I live two streets away and it takes me five minuts to get to my class then I play  until the bell goes to tell us school is starting. After the roll then we get into fitness or we usually would but this wednesday we had a practice for the opening of our new 8 class Rm block that happens this Fri. Next is reading, I'm in the Jacksons group and we were helping our buddy class. Reading was followed by writing then morning tea. The rest of the day is Maths, Lunchtime, SSR and Topic. And that is my school day. But my wednesday isn't over i'm free on wednesday but today i'm having my friend Leo come over. After Leo leves I will have dinner then at 7:00 i'll get in to bed and read a few chapters of a book, at the moment I am reading the jungle book then finally at 7:40 I go to sleep Zzzzzzzz.  and that is  A WEDNESDAY IN THE LIFE OF FELIX :)
Me and Leo

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A 'Tuesday' in the Life of Oliver,,,.

I normally wake up at about 6.30am. After I get out of bed I eat my breckfeast then I get dressed  next I brush  my teeth and when I'm all ready for school I watch the americas cup which is on right now. When I arrive at school I hang up my bag and after the bell rings Uala our teacher does the role  on tuesday our school all goes to assembly so we went to assembly then I found out some awesome news I won a  westpac helicopter ride and a westpac bag and two westpac caps and 25 dollars. I won all these prizes by fundrasing  heaps of money for the westpac helicopter for 6 weeks. I fundraised 230 dollars After assembly we did writing then we had moring tea after that we did music my group souned awesome and we would normally would do handwriting after music but we did narrative writing. Then we had lunch, at lunch I mostly play cricket with my friends. When the bell rings to signal that lunch time is over we come in and do SSR. At the end of Tuesday we normally do topic or art. At the moment we are learning about growth. Then we tided up for the end of the day. When we leave school we pick up my little brother from kindergarten.  Then its dinner time. we normally have something different for dinner each night but tonight we are having roast lamb for dinner yum, yum, yum! After dinner its bedtime, I'm in bed by 8 at the latest and do some reading before going to sleep.  
Me wearing my Westpac Helicopter hat!

By Oliver.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A 'MONDAY' in the Life of Room 13.....

To start the day we set up our class by putting our bags away, putting the chairs down, rolling the blinds up to let in the golden sun. While we wait for the school day to start at 8:55am we can go outside and play, we can use the iPads and computers in our class, hold Cheeko (he is our class pet rat) and we can do some quiet reading, drawing or writing. But for the last few weeks we have been watching the Americas Cup as racing starts at 8:10am. We hope Team NZ win soon.

When the bell goes we come in, sit on the mat and call the roll. After that we discuss the timetable for the day and we start with fitness. Reading is the first thing that follows fitness and we do that until about 10:30am. Writing is next and we have been learning to write a narrative. This is followed by morning tea where we can have a bite to eat and have a play!

After morning tea we continue a little bit with writing and then get into maths. To finish of the middle block we go to the library to chose books for the week. And then its one of our favourite parts of the day... LUNCH TIME!

After lunch we do SSR for about 10mins (Sustained Silent Reading). Our day is finished with sharing our homework from the previous week and getting the new weeks homework and spelling ready. Then the bell goes at 3pm. 

And that is a typical 'MONDAY' in the life of Room 13.

 Cheeko our class pet

The BEP's are hard at work this morning!

Room 13s Chopper Challenge!

Today (Wednesday 18 Sept) we did the one and only......  WESTPAC CHOPPER CHALLENGE! We are doing fitness to raise money for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. The top fundraisers get a ride in the helicopter for their efforts, how cool is that! Duncan and Kimi our instructors gave us a pep talk before we started. First we did the vertical hang, where we needed to free hang for 60 secs on our playground. After hanging around we did a shuttle race where we worked together to move weights up and down the obstacle course. Next we did the stretcher carry where we carried a patient (pretend of course) 50 metres, that was very tiring. We finished off the challenge with 30 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, 25 burpees and 30 star-jumps. To celebrate the completion we finished off with a game of tugger war. Overall it was challenging as expected, awesome and loads of FUN!

Heres a video of us in ACTION!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't Give Up a message from Jack and Wyatt

We have been given the task to find a song that most suits our community and country. We have a thing called the 3 R's respect responsibility and resilience. Today we have chosen resilience ,this is what the song represents. Here are some sentences about why we chose this song hope you enjoy.
We think its  great song to represent room 13. we thought it represents our country and community NZ and grey lynn.  here is the song we chose ENJOY. This song is a minecraft  parody of Fly by rehana

Minecraft is a sand box video game.  It's come a long way to what it's like today.This video doesn't have the real graphics but its real gameplay. The main objective is to survive by mining, crafting, building and defending yourself from zombies skeletons spiders and creepers.
this is Jack and wyatt big Minecraft fans


5 places you should see.

These are some places you should see.

The first place you should see is Eden park.
Eden park is really cool because the World Cup was placed there. And two days ago the 14th of september the All Blacks played against South Africa. Its funny because last year in room 16 we did a dance to represent a country that Kate  chose.  She chose .... SOUTH AFRICA. Here is a picture of Eden park.

The second place you should see is Mount Eden Mountain.
My opinion is that Mount Eden mountain is really cool because if you don't want to climb up the mountain there is a little well big play ground you can play on. And if you do want to climb up there there is a gigantic hole at the top. I think you would die if you jumped in the hole.  But there is grass at the bottom and there is chains saying 'DO NOT CROSS'.Its also cool because another name to call the mountain is Maungawhau. Maunga means mountain and whau  is a plant  which was on the mountain now its re planted down the bottom.

The third place you should look at is going to Clip n Climb in Mount Eden.
Clip n Climb is really fun to have a birthday. My little cousin Leonard went there for his birthday I think we stayed there for an hour and a  half. My favorite climbing block is the colour  block. At first I was scared I would fall off but I was holding on wrong. My favorite part of that day is jumping off the block I just climbing. Here are some things you can climb there.

The second too last place you should go is MOTAT.
Motat is really super duper fun. Motat is super duper fun because if your a history kind of person Motat is were you should be and if your a challenge sort of person Motat is also the place to be.If your a history kind of person you should go to Motat and see a really old train,cars,bikes,tractors and even get a ride on the tram thats how cool Motat is and if your a challenge sort of person you should go to Motat and go to the challenge zone,tec tile zone and mirror maze. If you are one or another of these Motat is were you should be.Im a challenge sort of person and I like the mirror maze tec tile zone and I like the challenge zone. Are you a challenge person thats up for a challenge or are you a history person that loves history.?

Last but not least you should go to GREY LYNN SCHOOL.
Grey lynn school is really cool because we have 2 parks soon we might get another one in the school forest we have a pool we have a new block for the Puriri. We have 3 teams in our school Puriri,Pohotukawa and Tortara. When you turn 5 years old  you would be a year 1 and you would be in Puriri team,then when your 6 or 7 years old you would be year 2 and 3 you would be in Pohotukawa
then when your 8,9 and 10 you would be year 4,5 and 6 then you are in Totara.This is what my school looks like.

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Top 5 Places In Auckland.

By Maya

These are the top places in Auckland that I think you should visit:

1. MOTAT[Museum Of Transport And Technology], Because it is really fun, helps children with learning and got a lot of cool activities.

2. The Auckland Museum, Because it is really interesting and fun at the same time.

3. The Auckland Zoo, Because it is full of animals and life.

4. The Sky Tower, Because it has a great view of Auckland and it can give you really nice food.

5. Rangitoto, Because it is an extinct volcano that you can climb and get a great view of AUCKLAND.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Me. Myself and I

hi my name is francis i am a year four student at grey lynn school
one of my favourite things to do are sports.
here is a cinguian poem about me

gifted sporty
helping caring annoying
loves to play games

by francis

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All about Me and Marshmillo!

On the 7th of september we got a Rabbit called marshmillo he is 12 months old. His birthday is on July the 16th. Last night he got out of his cage because somebody had not locked the latch properly but luckily he raced straight back to his cage. So since he was so freaked out Mum got him and gave him cuddles and Once he calmed down Mum took him back to his cage. marshmillo is massive for a Rabbit that is what the vet said. Here is a cinquain poem about Marshmillo and another about me.

cute fluffy
Bitting Kicking Skratching
Always trying to hide

Nice Kind
bursting laughing playing
loves playing with friends

Griffin's Cinquain Poem about Room 13

Room 13 
young hyper
talking creating laughing
having lots of fun

This is my cinquain poem about room 13, my year 4 class. A cinquain poem has a title, then a line with two describing words, a line with three ing words, a short sentence, the last line is one word that describes the title.

Here are some photos of us and my work

By Griffin

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ponsonby Road Show

On Tuesday the 3rd of September all of the Totara Team went to go see the Ponsonby Road Show on our court. There was guitars,  keyboards, microphones, drums, and lots of other instruments. They also had mats on the court for the cheerleaders. First the orchestra played and a boy sang and then parts of band played and different people sang. After that there were three boys dressed in black and they did a very short samoan slap dance and there music was from a woodblock. Then Fay (the presenter who came to Grey Lynn school last year) introduced two girls and they did really amazing things with their bodies. They also did a bit of ballet. Next was a group that were wearing fairy costumes and dancing with them were the three boys that danced before but this time a girl was dancing with them. There was a girl singing a song when every else was dancing. The song was about  her telling them to get together and stop fighting over her. Then the first band came on they were called Naughts and Crosses they had really great singers. Fay came on again like she did between every act and introduced Dr. Pepper (a 12 year old boy) came on and asked for an asistent Fay chose Queenie. First he did a hand trick and then he did a trick with his briefcase and then Queenie got a chocolate. After that a band came on called the Thursdays and the funny thing was that they acherly had there band practise on Thursdays. Last of all they had the cheerleaders come on they were throwing people up in the air and catching them doing back flips and every thing. Then Hannah performed some gymnastic things and then we all had a good dance here are some of the videos.

By Stella :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kiwi Kapers!

Yay its Wednesday I'm going to Kiwi kapers its a orchestra if you didn't know that. Ros the music teacher took 30 people from grey lynn school. I'm really lucky because I was one of those 30 people. first of all I will tell you where we sat we sat in the town hall up high we had great seats. First the strings section played, I quite liked that because it was piano and forte that means loud and soft. They played superman and batman and alot more other songs my favourite was batman. There are alot of instruments in the orchestra like the cello, violin, viola, double base and more. The sections in the orchestra are percussion, strings, brass and woodwind. There were 2 parent helpers they were a girls mum called Rachel and a boys mum named Ang. I thought the organ was pretty cool he played the lowest pipe it only vibrated because it was so low. I LOVED IT.

By Paloma