Monday, September 23, 2013

Room 13s Chopper Challenge!

Today (Wednesday 18 Sept) we did the one and only......  WESTPAC CHOPPER CHALLENGE! We are doing fitness to raise money for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. The top fundraisers get a ride in the helicopter for their efforts, how cool is that! Duncan and Kimi our instructors gave us a pep talk before we started. First we did the vertical hang, where we needed to free hang for 60 secs on our playground. After hanging around we did a shuttle race where we worked together to move weights up and down the obstacle course. Next we did the stretcher carry where we carried a patient (pretend of course) 50 metres, that was very tiring. We finished off the challenge with 30 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, 25 burpees and 30 star-jumps. To celebrate the completion we finished off with a game of tugger war. Overall it was challenging as expected, awesome and loads of FUN!

Heres a video of us in ACTION!


Stephen said...

Room 13! Excellent effort- man that stretcher work looked heavy- well done! You guys totally deserve a holiday.

Anonymous said...

You guys made that look easy!

Anne (Griffin's mum)

Anonymous said...

Well done room 13! We did a great job with all those push-ups and star-jumps. My hands were so sore after vertical hang. THEY WERE RED!
We were so strog at tug of war.
room 13

Anonymous said...

Awesome room 13! All those Chopper challenges looked really tough (but fun!)
All for a great cause too. Well done.
Bo(Paloma's dad)

Year 3/4 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

Hi Room 13!

Room 16 and I enjoyed doing the Chopper Challenge with you for the last 4 weeks. I noticed how much more fit you all were by the end of the four weeks.
Well done on getting fit and raising money for a great cause.

I am really proud of you all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Room 13 - well done, that looked hard, in particular mat fitness. And I liked the fishtank (at least on our computer...)

Ingo (Kaia's Dad) and Nora (sister)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic slide show. You guys looked like you were having fun while working hard. I loved the press ups.

Tracy (Matthew's mum)

Asha (Shaan's mum) said...

What a great movie Room 13! Great work to you all for getting through the Westpac Chopper Challenge.

Raneel (Shaan's brother said...

Good job Room 13. That was hard work. Keep up the good with the blog.

Unknown said...

Wow what an effort - and for such a great cause! Hope you keep the fitness up :-)

Tracey (Francis mum) said...

Hi room 13 fantastic effort well done to you all it looked like good fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 13 - What tremendous efforts! It makes me think that us parents could probably attempt to do a few more of those things from time to time... ;)
Marina (Naomi's mum)

Briarn. said...

Hi room 13
Wow what a amazing video thanks Uala for making that video. Just to let you know we were puffed well some off us. We are really sad that its over cause it was fun.

Miss Morris said...

Wow! This sounds like a great experience. I wonder if they would visit our school. I bet you were tired after that!

Maddy B. Rm11 said...

Hey Room 13,
Good job for finishing the Chopper Challenge 2013!
You should all feel really proud of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Hello room 13 I love our blog it is amazing. we have the keyboard with the missing letter z but we used a hair tie to press the button awesome hey
Naomi Kaia Maya