Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All about Me and Marshmillo!

On the 7th of september we got a Rabbit called marshmillo he is 12 months old. His birthday is on July the 16th. Last night he got out of his cage because somebody had not locked the latch properly but luckily he raced straight back to his cage. So since he was so freaked out Mum got him and gave him cuddles and Once he calmed down Mum took him back to his cage. marshmillo is massive for a Rabbit that is what the vet said. Here is a cinquain poem about Marshmillo and another about me.

cute fluffy
Bitting Kicking Skratching
Always trying to hide

Nice Kind
bursting laughing playing
loves playing with friends


Kate (Maya's mum) said...

Hi Ashley -

I really enjoyed your post about your rabbit. He looks very cute and I like how you cuddle him. Our rabbits don't like being held!

Kate (Maya's mum)

Anonymous said...

hi Ashley I like Marshmalo he's so cute :]

Anonymous said...

Your rabbit looks so cute! In our class we have a bunny called Rupert he is very fat and is a dwarf lop rabbit.
Please come and visit us.
It is easy to find, just google mngrcps and you will find us.
From Jesse and Maya (:

Andrea said...

Hi Ashley. I ran into your mum at the Grey Lynn shops and she was telling me all about your new rabbit! Pets are a lot of hard work and a big responsibility.

What are your jobs?

We have a dog, 3 fish and 2 birds and all of my kids jobs are....to pick up the poos! It's a yucky, but important job!

Enjoy being a pet owner!

Anonymous said...

Marshmillow seems so cute! I wish I had a bunny and I would call it Marshmallow too. I love bunnys and marshmallows. Yum yum!
room 13

Lynley (Mum) said...

Marshmallow is such a cutie. He is slowly getting used to us, loves his cuddles and licks us for affection. He enjoys sitting on the couch and watching TV with us... and eating the curtains! Keep up the good work with cage cleaning and daily walks Ashley. Marshmallow will love you for it!!!

Briarn said...

Hi Ashley
I really liked your cinquain poem.
I really want a pet. Can you give me yours? Just kidding. Your rabbit is so cute. I like your photo of you and Marshmallow.

Naomi room 13 said...

Hi Ashley
Another comment from me(Naomi)
I hope marshmillo is well.
I wonder if marshmillo has bitten anyone? Has marshmillo run off again? The picture of marshmillo is so cute!
Room 13