Monday, September 23, 2013

A 'MONDAY' in the Life of Room 13.....

To start the day we set up our class by putting our bags away, putting the chairs down, rolling the blinds up to let in the golden sun. While we wait for the school day to start at 8:55am we can go outside and play, we can use the iPads and computers in our class, hold Cheeko (he is our class pet rat) and we can do some quiet reading, drawing or writing. But for the last few weeks we have been watching the Americas Cup as racing starts at 8:10am. We hope Team NZ win soon.

When the bell goes we come in, sit on the mat and call the roll. After that we discuss the timetable for the day and we start with fitness. Reading is the first thing that follows fitness and we do that until about 10:30am. Writing is next and we have been learning to write a narrative. This is followed by morning tea where we can have a bite to eat and have a play!

After morning tea we continue a little bit with writing and then get into maths. To finish of the middle block we go to the library to chose books for the week. And then its one of our favourite parts of the day... LUNCH TIME!

After lunch we do SSR for about 10mins (Sustained Silent Reading). Our day is finished with sharing our homework from the previous week and getting the new weeks homework and spelling ready. Then the bell goes at 3pm. 

And that is a typical 'MONDAY' in the life of Room 13.

 Cheeko our class pet

The BEP's are hard at work this morning!


Stephen said...

Sounds like it's a well oiled machine in room 13.
Great work.

Anonymous said...

Great blog and very informative. I asked Griffin after school today about what he got up to. He said "Just the usual stuff." Now I know what that is.

Thanks Anne (Griffin's Mum)

Year 3/4 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

Well done on diving into Blogger Challenge Week 3! I hope you visit the other blogs from other countries to see what a school day looks like for them.

Your day sounds fun and full of learning. I am still not sure about your pet rat...but I know he is well loved.


Anonymous said...

Hi Room 13, it's great to see what you are doing in class. Looking forward to similar blogs about the rest of the week!

(Kaia's Dad)

Anonymous said...

wow your class is so busy.Keep up the good work.paul

Unknown said...

Sure sounds busy, can't wait to read some of the narratives you write!

Anonymous said...

Hi room 13
I like what we did on Monday. How we explained everything we did. We started right from the beginning of the day and explanined all the way to the end.
I really like the Mondays in room 13 especially the library.
room 13

Anonymous said...

Wow... wish I was back at school in a classroom like room 13! Sounds like fun & great learning too.
Marina (Naomi's mum)

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 13, what a neat way to share information and I want to find out more,
Tim, Naomi's dad

Briarn said...

Hi Room 13,
I really liked the way we explained what we do on Mondays. Good job room 13. I wonder if we missed anything that we do on Mondays? Anyway we did AWESOME with our blog comment.