Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 places you should see.

These are some places you should see.

The first place you should see is Eden park.
Eden park is really cool because the World Cup was placed there. And two days ago the 14th of september the All Blacks played against South Africa. Its funny because last year in room 16 we did a dance to represent a country that Kate  chose.  She chose .... SOUTH AFRICA. Here is a picture of Eden park.

The second place you should see is Mount Eden Mountain.
My opinion is that Mount Eden mountain is really cool because if you don't want to climb up the mountain there is a little well big play ground you can play on. And if you do want to climb up there there is a gigantic hole at the top. I think you would die if you jumped in the hole.  But there is grass at the bottom and there is chains saying 'DO NOT CROSS'.Its also cool because another name to call the mountain is Maungawhau. Maunga means mountain and whau  is a plant  which was on the mountain now its re planted down the bottom.

The third place you should look at is going to Clip n Climb in Mount Eden.
Clip n Climb is really fun to have a birthday. My little cousin Leonard went there for his birthday I think we stayed there for an hour and a  half. My favorite climbing block is the colour  block. At first I was scared I would fall off but I was holding on wrong. My favorite part of that day is jumping off the block I just climbing. Here are some things you can climb there.

The second too last place you should go is MOTAT.
Motat is really super duper fun. Motat is super duper fun because if your a history kind of person Motat is were you should be and if your a challenge sort of person Motat is also the place to be.If your a history kind of person you should go to Motat and see a really old train,cars,bikes,tractors and even get a ride on the tram thats how cool Motat is and if your a challenge sort of person you should go to Motat and go to the challenge zone,tec tile zone and mirror maze. If you are one or another of these Motat is were you should be.Im a challenge sort of person and I like the mirror maze tec tile zone and I like the challenge zone. Are you a challenge person thats up for a challenge or are you a history person that loves history.?

Last but not least you should go to GREY LYNN SCHOOL.
Grey lynn school is really cool because we have 2 parks soon we might get another one in the school forest we have a pool we have a new block for the Puriri. We have 3 teams in our school Puriri,Pohotukawa and Tortara. When you turn 5 years old  you would be a year 1 and you would be in Puriri team,then when your 6 or 7 years old you would be year 2 and 3 you would be in Pohotukawa
then when your 8,9 and 10 you would be year 4,5 and 6 then you are in Totara.This is what my school looks like.


Jennifer said...

Wow Briarn,

What a very persuasive piece you have written explaining the five places we should see. I like how you have stated your opinion and backed some up with facts. It was very interesting.


Oliver and Tupaia said...

HI Brian I really like your post I liked the way you described the cool things to do it was very interesting

by Oliver and Tupaia

Holly said...

Hi Briarn
Your peice of writing was AWESOME!!!
Besides I've been to all of those places so I think that was a good desision. And I like how you described everything. From Holly

Tes said...


I like how you described your speech

From Tes