Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A 'Tuesday' in the Life of Oliver,,,.

I normally wake up at about 6.30am. After I get out of bed I eat my breckfeast then I get dressed  next I brush  my teeth and when I'm all ready for school I watch the americas cup which is on right now. When I arrive at school I hang up my bag and after the bell rings Uala our teacher does the role  on tuesday our school all goes to assembly so we went to assembly then I found out some awesome news I won a  westpac helicopter ride and a westpac bag and two westpac caps and 25 dollars. I won all these prizes by fundrasing  heaps of money for the westpac helicopter for 6 weeks. I fundraised 230 dollars After assembly we did writing then we had moring tea after that we did music my group souned awesome and we would normally would do handwriting after music but we did narrative writing. Then we had lunch, at lunch I mostly play cricket with my friends. When the bell rings to signal that lunch time is over we come in and do SSR. At the end of Tuesday we normally do topic or art. At the moment we are learning about growth. Then we tided up for the end of the day. When we leave school we pick up my little brother from kindergarten.  Then its dinner time. we normally have something different for dinner each night but tonight we are having roast lamb for dinner yum, yum, yum! After dinner its bedtime, I'm in bed by 8 at the latest and do some reading before going to sleep.  
Me wearing my Westpac Helicopter hat!

By Oliver.


Ruth said...

Hi Oliver,

You must be so excited to be going on the helicopter! Well done on your amazing fundraising efforts, you derserve such a special trip.

It sounds like you have a prettty good life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Oliver

You sound very organised! Well done on winning the helicopter ride, I hope you really enjoy it. Well done!

Anne (Griffin's Mum)

Anonymous said...

Hi Oliver!
Congrats on your win. Hopefully this Tuesday the weather will be good and you can enjoy your ride!
Good to see you are still working hard.

Stella & Kaia said...

Hey Oliver,
We think you defently desvered that helicopter ride.
You described your tuesday really well.
Did the twenty five dollars come from the money the school raised? Does your brother go to Saint James kindergarten?
You are very lucky to have won the ride I wish that I could have won that. :)

Tupaia said...

Hi Oliver I really liked the way you explained your trip hoped you hade a great time and I wish could I come

By Tupaia