Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kiwi Kapers!

Yay its Wednesday I'm going to Kiwi kapers its a orchestra if you didn't know that. Ros the music teacher took 30 people from grey lynn school. I'm really lucky because I was one of those 30 people. first of all I will tell you where we sat we sat in the town hall up high we had great seats. First the strings section played, I quite liked that because it was piano and forte that means loud and soft. They played superman and batman and alot more other songs my favourite was batman. There are alot of instruments in the orchestra like the cello, violin, viola, double base and more. The sections in the orchestra are percussion, strings, brass and woodwind. There were 2 parent helpers they were a girls mum called Rachel and a boys mum named Ang. I thought the organ was pretty cool he played the lowest pipe it only vibrated because it was so low. I LOVED IT.

By Paloma


Matthew said...

Hi Paloma
Sounds like a great consent i wished I could have gone!
I really could visualise what it would have been like if I went.
What was your favourite part of the concert?
What was your favourite part of the ocestra?
Thanks for sharing the concert with the world
By for now,

Room 12 said...

Hi Paloma
It sounds like you had so much fun at Kiwi Kapers.
Do you wish you could play some of those instruments. we could visualise the concert by your good description
Room 12

Daisy said...

Hi Paloma
It sounds like a great concert
Did you have fun when you where there?
And great explanning about Kiwi Kapers.

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