Friday, August 30, 2013

Speech Finals

on Tuesday the 27th of august we had speech finals at assembly we had four people that did there speech. The jugdes where mr. baker and john. the first person was Emily that did her speech on why we should stop poauching. when she finished her speech.  Then we had two wait a few seconds  for the judges to finish there notes. After that Orla was doing her speech about cheese and lots of people thought it was funny and i thougt it was funny too. Then we had  to wait   agin so the jugdes had to finish there notes. After the jugdes did there notes it was Scarlet turn her speech was about why we should stop whaling her speech was very cool. then we had to wait for the jugdes again. Then it was the last person that was Queenie her speech was about globle warming. Her speech was so funny!  After the last speech the jugdes went outside to find out who the winner is. when we were waiting room seven came up to the stage. They did a dance for the whole school and it was very very awesome and they danced to songs while they were dancing i really liked there songs and there dancing.  After that the jugdes came back in John said how lovely the speeches were then mr. baker said the winner. The winner was QUEENIE!  and everyone started to clap and Queenie was very happy that she made it through to the inner citys to represent  our whole school.

By Daisy

The Fabulous Room 7

And the winner is.... Queenie

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Year 4 Speech Finals!

On Friday the 23rd of August Room 13 and Room 15 did the speech finals. There was 7 people that got into the finals we had the speech finals in our classroom. Stella and Felix were the mc`s for the speech finals an Liesel and Mr Barker were the judges. The people that got into the finals were Holly doing her speech on why her uncle should stop smoking and then Paloma doing her speech on why you should be a vegeterian. The third person was Lotta doing her speech on why things shouldnt be called man made they should be person made. After Lotta it was Leo doing his speech on why you should stop whaling. Then we had Emily doing hers on why we should stop poaching animals. There was one that I quite liked which was Jamie`s she was doing hers on why we shouldn`t do Homework I would agree with her on that. The last person that we had was kaia doing hers on why kids shouldn`t be forced to eat poridge and after everyone had finished they announced the winner and the winner was Emily. Then the judges gave them all a certificate. I think did a great job because I would be nervous if I had to stand up and do my speech in front of the all the parents and all the year 4s.

By Georgia

Monday, August 26, 2013

ABC Helpers

Room 13s buddy class is Room 4 and we have been doing a program called ABC Helpers. We help them to learn to be better readers and writers. We help them write by getting two white boards (1 for our buddy and 1 for us). We help them read by getting him/her a book from their book box. We also bring a book up every day to read with them. One of Room 13s reading groups goes up to Room 4s class and we pick a buddy to read and write with. It is a lot of fun when we read to them, when they read to us and when we read to them. Normally the book we will bring is our journal that we are reading or otherwise a Dr. Seuss book

Here are some photos of my ABC buddy and my friend Jacks ABC buddy. My buddy was called hugo when I last went.

By Matthew

Monday, August 12, 2013


On Tuesday the 6th of August, Room 13 and Room 15 went to MOTAT, it was WICKED!!! first ofF   Room 13 and Room 15 had to bring there bags because we were there for just about a whole day. We then had to walk down the road together to MOTAT. After about  10 to 15 minutes later we were there      but we had to wait for another school to get in. Finally we got to go in it was rellay  interesting but we had to wait.Then we finally got to meat our mentor Melissa she was really nice to us. We then had morning tea, after that we got to split up into groups I was in  Uala's group with Xavier Alex kalia Oliver and Ezra. First off we went to the challenge zone and it was WICKED!!!!. We then went to my favourite place of all THE MIRER MAZE !!!, when we got there we looked at some other things before we got to the mirer maze. finally we got to the mirer maze I walked into the maze and got muddled up with were I was going and i keeped on bumping into mires finally i got out and did it about 4 more times and then I got bored of it. after my group and I all went to the village and the town. then we went to the jail next to the town we were playing around with the jail things we then at last found this thing that I for got what the name is, but it is when you whisper about 10 to 20 meters into this thing  and the another person can hear you it was one of the best days this year and it was AWESOME!!!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lego: From the Past to the Future

Here is another fabulous invention report from the talented Felix!

Lego: From the Past to the Future!
from Room 13 GLS on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Awesome Mac Book Airs!

Hi my name is Tama

Room 13 have had these awesome mac book laptops for last two weeks. In the Totara team each week they get passed on to room 11, room 12, room 14, and room 15. The past few days we have been blogging on these laptops. The best thing about that there is ten mac book laptops for everyone to work on we have safari, kid pix, photo booth, iTunes, face talk, iPhoto and all kinds of apps.
Well I feel kind of fantastic writing my blog on these mac book laptops. So what does the lap tops look like its like the hole cover is silver and the camera on the top of the middle. so lets get in to more things that the class does with them. We do some research for the speeches we go on safari took photos on the awesome photo booth, and record our maths strategies to share.
So thats the blog of the awesome mac books, for now!