Monday, August 26, 2013

ABC Helpers

Room 13s buddy class is Room 4 and we have been doing a program called ABC Helpers. We help them to learn to be better readers and writers. We help them write by getting two white boards (1 for our buddy and 1 for us). We help them read by getting him/her a book from their book box. We also bring a book up every day to read with them. One of Room 13s reading groups goes up to Room 4s class and we pick a buddy to read and write with. It is a lot of fun when we read to them, when they read to us and when we read to them. Normally the book we will bring is our journal that we are reading or otherwise a Dr. Seuss book

Here are some photos of my ABC buddy and my friend Jacks ABC buddy. My buddy was called hugo when I last went.

By Matthew


Uala said...

Hi Matthew,

I think the ABC helpers do a wonderful job of supporting our buddy classes learning in reading and writing. I have spoken with Nikki and she agrees. Keep up all the great learning and support ABC Helpers, you ROCK!

Paul said...

Wow. Amazing work team. Great to see you helping each other out ..